The world of work is changing. Jobs are harder to come by. Salaries aren’t what they used to be. And if you start your own business, the cost of finding clients can stop you before you even get started.

And yet, every day, we are surrounded by a sea of invisible opportunities to connect, and work with people in a better way. If we could only connect the dots between skill seekers and providers, we could help make these opportunities visible.

When we looked around for ways to do this, we found lots of tools for finding people, but none that really helped you build a trusted network that can help you right now and build a foundation for your future. Instead, we found a bunch of companies that take your CV and turn you into an object for recruiters. Or feed you cat pictures in exchange for someone else’s ad dollars. Or get you to swipe on business prospects, making people feel even more disposable. Or take your money, and then put walls up to prevent you from exchanging phone numbers with other people, or doing business directly with them.

What we didn’t find was a platform that was truly interested in helping people to find opportunities and shape their future, through the networks they already have. So we built one.

Our goal is simple: use the power of AI to create personalised opportunities for everyone, so people can connect meaningfully, establish relationships based on trust, and ultimately find more and better work.

On Kalido, an opportunity is a chance to deepen an existing relationship, build a new relationship based on skills or connections that matter, hire someone, or be hired. That’s why we are more interested in finding you quality connections, rather than random ones. Our hope is that your Kalido contacts become valuable, long-term contacts, whether they started off as people you knew but didn’t get to spend enough time with, or as matches that you never knew could help you.

By personalised, we mean that your opportunities are different from your sister’s, and those of your neighbour, or co-worker. One of the most complicated and amazing things about Kalido is the way it takes who you are, who you know, what you know, and where you are, into account. This creates an entirely personalised world of opportunities, just for you. And it also means that knowing just one person can open the door to an entire world of opportunities, because often it’s not who you know, but who they know that’s important. Because you never know where your next big break will come from, we encourage you to share Kalido with everyone you trust. The more people you know on Kalido, the more opportunities you’ll have. And the more people there are on Kalido, the more opportunities everyone will have.

When you interact with someone new, Kalido helps you build trust and rapport. We prioritise matches who have shared contacts, because knowing people in common makes it easier to find out what someone is really like, and makes everyone more likely to treat each other respectfully, and to put a little more heart and soul into their work. Similarly, people with shared networks also rank higher, since having a school, workplace, or other group in common makes it easier to start a conversation, and build from common values. And finally, sharing a location is valuable, as being in the same neighbourhood or city means that you can meet up in person and make a decision about someone based on your face-to-face interaction. Having these touchpoints mean that new contacts feel less like strangers and more like someone you might want to work with.

Trust extends beyond your relationship with other users: it is integral to your relationship with us too. All of your data is encrypted in transit and storage, and you have complete control over what you share. Our belief in the importance of privacy is why we’ll never give anyone your exact location, why we let you choose who you match or share your location with, and why we let you control whether you want to see people who don’t already have a connection to you. Your experience on Kalido should always feel safe, inclusive, useful, and enjoyable.

We believe that by safely matching you with relevant contacts, who have something in common with you, and with whom you can build genuine rapport, you can work with people you want to, do work you care about, on terms you agree with, for money that’s satisfactory. We measure our success in the number of opportunities captured by you, not by the number of minutes you spend staring at your screen. Life is too short for mindless scrolling. So every day, Kalido helps you find opportunities that mean something.