Why we built Kalido for the new world of work.

What is Kalido?
Kalido is the world’s first real-time opportunity engine. We constantly create personalised opportunities for every user, based on the networks they already have and trust, so people can connect, in the real world, in ways that generate value for everyone. And we do this without relying on any ad revenue, so you can be sure we’re on your side.

By personalised, we mean that your opportunities are driven by your skills, your networks, and your location, so an opportunity for you is not necessarily an opportunity for your colleague, or the person sitting beside you. By opportunity, we mean a chance to: work with someone; build a new relationship with someone based on your skills (or theirs) and what you have in common; or deepen an existing relationship through useful introductions, recommendations, and in-person touch points when you haven’t seen each other in a while. The result is that we democratise opportunity, through creating different opportunities for each person, where everyone gets treated like a real human being.

Kalido was built for today: a world where everyone is searching for more meaningful connections, more purpose in their work, and more value in their time. Our goal is for Kalido to help you find great opportunities to connect to a real human being for a purpose that benefits both of you. Unlike most apps, we have no desire to make you scroll for hours, like meaningless content, or constantly post things. Find an opportunity. Talk to someone. Create value together. That’s it.

How does it work?

Kalido combines your networks (schools, workplaces, conferences, or any other group), your intent (what kind of skilled people you want to meet, and what skills you can provide), your location, and the help of an artificial intelligence to constantly search for and surface opportunities to meet people for a purpose. Yes, the math is crazy (it evaluates billions of opportunities that are constantly changing), but it’s simple to use, and there’s nothing else quite like it.

How is Kalido different?

We’re different because of the way we think about four things: your data, your privacy, your intent, and your health.

Your data: Your data is yours. We don’t sell it to advertisers, or recruiters. We’re excited about helping you get value from your networks. And at any time, you can download or delete your data with a tap, instantly, right from your phone. No complicated menus, no six-month deactivation periods, no “send us a copy of your passport” demands first. You trust us, so we trust you to know what’s best for you.

Your privacy: Kalido is built on sharing locations and networks. But we’ll never share distances closer than 200m. We only show locations as neighbourhoods, cities, or countries, unless you choose to join a network with specific named locations (like a company office, a conference, or a school campus). You can block anyone you want instantly, and if you just want to prevent someone from seeing your location, you can do that too. And you choose exactly who you want to share your skills with: we don’t do random matching or swiping.

Your intent: We know you’re not (just) a product of your past. And we don’t care what you ate for lunch today. What we care most about is helping you to tell your networks what skills you want to provide, and what kind of skilled people you want to meet. We think CV sites are databases of the past. And we think selfie and hashtag networks are databases of the present. Kalido, on the other hand, is a database of the future: we take your past history and present location, and combine it with what you want to give the world in the future (or what you need from it), and generate opportunity, just for you, every day.

Your health: Research has shown that social connections are the greatest factor in driving personal happiness, physical longevity, and stable mental health. What’s more, better connections at work consistently drive greater productivity and reduce the need for job hopping. Most social apps encourage you to engage with content: Kalido encourages you to engage with people, so you can build new relationships that lead to new opportunities. Equally importantly, Kalido helps you more easily maintain the relationships you already have, in the real world, so when you need a friend or a favour, you can count on a history of shared experiences and conversations, not a record of likes and online comments, to make the case for you.