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Sporty People

Find someone from the office to have a friendly squash game with after work. Or a neighbour down the road to join you for your morning runs. Or get an amateur football league together. Kalido can find you people nearby who share your love of the beautiful game (or any game).

Successful People

Itʼs pretty intimidating cold-calling someone. Especially someone you admire. Kalido can help you break the ice with potential mentors or employers by showing you contacts and networks you already have in common. And our ice-breakers can literally help you start the conversation, without any awkwardness.

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School People

Wonder what your old school friends are up to? With Kalidoʼs handy notifications, youʼll know whenever one of them is in your area, so you can nip out quickly and catch up, instead of scheduling something 3 months from now. And of course, they can return the favour by entertaining you when youʼre in their area.

Social People

Have a couple of spare hours before your flight? Why not meet up with a friendly local for the best burgers in town, instead of wading through some limp airport salad. Or organize a quiz night with a few soon-to-be-friends. Wherever you are in the world, Kalido can help you find like-minded people to hang out with.

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