Data Scientist

Location: London, UK
Salary: Competitive salary + options

About the role

If you’re excited about empowering individuals, helping organisations to work better together, and creating a platform to power the future of work, this is the place to do it. Kalido exists to help create a world where people and organizations can maximize potential through a global community of valued connections and opportunities. Everyone on our team is a true product owner, responsible for ensuring excellence.

In this role, you will be at the forefront of implementing new models that tackle real enterprise problems and improving existing models. As an AI-driven company, the primary engine of the business is machine learning models. We currently have a diverse set of tools including NLP models which are able to extract skills and services from free text, models which are able to rank candidates to a job description, and many more. To achieve this we use a series of in-house models and open source tools and are always open to innovative ideas. With a quick release schedule, you will be able to impact the core business from idea to release in a matter of days.

As part of a startup, your responsibilities will vary, but on a day to day basis, you will:

  • Apply analytical theory to real-world problems on dynamic datasets. Your insights will not stop at data and calculations but will span across numerical insight and business objectives
  • Process and reproducibly model large sets of data
  • Be hands-on in identifying problems in data and improving the quality of data using tools and data labelling techniques
  • Define quality metrics for the data and model performance
  • Work in tandem with Machine Learning Developers to build and improve the tools to train, monitor and analyse model performance and data quality
  • Identify areas in which more data could be collected and used to train the models
  • Work with designers on collecting user data for training models purposes
  • Work with other teams to understand the opportunities and constraints of existing data in the context of ML and predictive modeling
  • Propose technical solutions and strategies to business challenges in a self-driven environment
  • Develop statistical models and algorithms for integration with our product
  • Provide input into future data science strategy and product development
  • Provide guidance and feedback to other design and development teams to improve the quality of user experiences through better data feedback systems
  • Test, evaluate and improve the analytical results on live systems

What we are looking for

We value inclusion, impact, transparency, generosity, and teamwork. You can read more about our values and what they mean to us here. We are looking for someone who: shares our philosophy; is capable and excited about the role; strives for personal and professional excellence; and wants to make a meaningful difference through their work.
This opportunity is for you if you are:

  • Creative and delivery-focused, especially in small data environments
  • Passionate about mathematics and statistics, with proven track record of data science related work
  • Able to rapidly and effectively translate business challenges into data pipelines & model frameworks
  • Experienced with multiple ML techniques such as deep neural networks, transformers and recommender models, as well as python ML libraries such as tensorflow, pytorch and sklearn
  • Equipped with programming skills to self-sufficiently manipulate, analyse, synthesise, and visualise data in e.g. matplotlib, plotly, bokeh, pandas
  • Experienced in the design and usage of relational databases (SQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Experienced with testing frameworks (e.g.PyTest)
  • Experienced with Docker containers in the context of training and deploying ML models