Web Backend Developer

Location: London, UK
Salary: £45,000 - 55,000 + equity

About the role

Kalido exists to help create a world where people and organizations can maximize potential through a global community of valued connections and opportunities. We passionately problem-solve new ways to do this, no matter how difficult the challenge. Everyone on our team is a true product owner, responsible for ensuring excellence. We move fast (but thoughtfully), and are looking for a talented and impact-oriented Web Backend Developer to join us.

In this role, you will be building and maintaining the infrastructure at the very heart of Kalido, and ensuring that it is secure, performant, easily deployable, scalable, cost-effective, and fit for purpose. In doing so, you will shape the company, and our collective ability to impact the world.

As part of a startup, your responsibilities will vary, but on a day to day basis, you will:

Build Kalido

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and build new functionality as required, using, clean and efficient code
  • Design, build and refactor our architecture as we evolve, with maintainability and efficient abstraction in mind
  • Verify, test and deploy new builds
  • Work with, learn from and challenge senior developers

Maintain Kalido

  • Troubleshoot, debug and enhance the existing codebase, driving towards a continuously more performant, higher quality, and responsive experience
  • Monitor and analyse system performance, and own our uptime
  • Troubleshoot, debug and maintain the existing DevOps deployments
  • Refine and extend our administrative and performance monitoring tools
  • Optimize our use of processing power, memory, storage, bandwidth, and third-party API calls in our backend-for-frontend infrastructure

What we are looking for

We value inclusion, impact, transparency, generosity, and teamwork. You can read more about our values and what they mean to us. We are looking for someone who: shares our philosophy; is capable and excited about the role; strives for personal and professional excellence; and wants to make a meaningful difference through their work.

This opportunity is for you if you are:

  • Moderately experienced (preferably at least one year of development and backend systems building), with a strong analytical mind and an ethical approach to dev
  • Comfortable with the fundamentals of Computer Science and Information Architecture, including knowledge of data structures, algorithms, their complexities, their tradeoffs, and their implementation (e.g. trees, graphs, sorting algorithms, and their various Big O implications)
  • Excited about thoughtfully building scalable platforms
  • Knowledgeable about systems architecture choices and performance trade-offs, database design and extensibility
  • Capable of writing SQL queries for Oracle and Postgresql
  • Comfortable developing and maintaining systems written in Golang, Javascript and Python, using unit testing, and managing version-controlled development using continuous integration and devops tools such as Travis, GitHub Actions etc. Working knowledge of a wide variety of languages and frameworks is preferred.
  • A good listener, willing and able to act on constructive feedback
  • A strong collaborator, able to establish strong relationships with other development teams, and to proactively keep teammates in the loop on progress and issues
  • A creative thinker, able to investigate and solve complex product challenges
  • A clean, conscientious and forward-thinking coder
  • Keen to take initiative wherever an aspect of the in-app experience, feature, development process or culture can be improved

How to apply

If being a Web Backend Developer at Kalido sounds like something that leverages your skills and ignites your passion, we want to get to know you. Drop us an email with your CV (including a link to your portfolio and relevant repositories) and a cover letter, addressed to Martyna at careers@kalido.me, or apply online today: