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Kalido intelligently matches you to professionals who can provide the service you need. So, if youʼre a wedding photographer, your client wonʼt ask you to take pet portraits. Kalido also ranks your clients by location, your shared contacts, networks, and affiliations. This makes it easy for you to find clients. And not just any clients, Terrific ones.

Targeted Matches

Always wanted to do work for a specific company? Kalido can find contacts from specific organizations, or with specific job titles. As long as you have a shared contact (a trust-based connection), weʼll introduce you. This means youʼll be able to make the contacts you need to pitch your ideas to that dream company.

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Direct Contact

Call, text, or meet up with your match directly. You wonʼt have to deal with a recruitment agent, a robot, or anyoneʼs PA. Direct contact lets you get a sense of the person youʼve been matched with from the very beginning, which really minimizes creepy or uncomfortable interactions.

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Continuous Search

Whether youʼre in Johannesburg, Delhi, Michigan, Melbourne, or anywhere else, Kalido can find clients for you. And weʼll notify you as soon as we do. So, carry on with work, or gym, or organizing your sock drawer (very satisfying, we know), weʼll be searching in the meantime.

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Zero Commission

We donʼt charge recruitment or service fees. And we let you call and text from the app for free. Because we truly want to support entrepreneurship. And we figure when you see how useful Kalido is, youʼll soon want to sign up for some paid Premium services.

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