Who can see my profile?

In Settings, if your visibility is set to “Only people in my networks”, anyone in your networks can see the basic elements of your profile (name, role, profile picture, interests). In Settings, if your visibility is set to “Everyone”, then anyone on Kalido can also find you and see the basic elements of your profile. For each skill and search, you can select which networks can see them. To change this, edit a skill or search, and change the “Match with” option to select specific networks.

Video: How do I build my profile?

Can I change my name on Kalido?

Sure. Tap the Edit button underneath your name in the About tab (or “My Profile” for users of older versions).

Whatʼs a good profile picture?

One that showcases you at your best, of course. Good lighting, non-blurry, and preferably a solo shot (so no one steals your limelight).

Can I share examples of my work, or see samples of other people’s work?

You can add as many images and links to other social profiles and websites as you want, to showcase your services and experience on your Kalido profile.

How do I manage push notifications?

Select the “About” tab (or “My Profile” for users of older versions), then select the Settings gear icon. Under ‘Preferences’, you’ll find ‘Notifications’, where you can manage the notifications you want to receive.

What happens if I change my primary email?

If you change your primary email in Settings->Manage Account, you’ll need to log out, select “I already have an account”, select the “Sign in with email” option, and then use the Forgot My Password function to set a new password for your new primary email account. After that, you’ll be able to login to your existing account with the new email and password combination.

Can I link more than one email address or phone number to my account?

Yes, you can. Select the “About” tab (or “My Profile” for users of older versions), then select the Settings gear icon. You can then link as any emails or phone numbers as you’d like, though you can only login with the email address set as your Primary Address. Setting up multiple emails is handy when you want to join private networks that will automatically accept users that have a particular email domain (e.g. or

Can I delete my account?

We’ll be sorry to say goodbye, but we certainly won’t stop you. In your profile, tap the Settings gear icon at the top right. Under ‘General’, find ‘Manage account’. Scroll down to ‘Delete account’. Unfortunately, deleting your account means all your data, including chat history, matches, pictures, and other media will be lost. If you’d like to preserve this data, you can use the “Download Kalido data” button that is right above the “Delete Account” button first.

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