AI for good - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido
AI for good - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido

AI for good

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Where is the power of AI used in Kalido?

At Kalido, our mission is to connect enterprises, users, and communities with economic Opportunities. Many of the features that make this happen are powered and enhanced using clever AI and machine learning algorithms. This includes our brilliant Skill Matching technology which acts as a search engine for finding people based on Skills. We let people describe the Skills they have, and the Skills they need, in whichever way they want, and use AI and machine learning to do the heavy lifting. 

For example, there’s often a big difference between how technical people describe their Skills and how a non-technical person who is looking to hire them describes the same Skills. In the ‘real world’, this can mean they never find each other and both are missing out on great Opportunities. On Kalido, however, our sophisticated AI gracefully tackles this problem with machine learning models that can handle different terms to describe the same Skills. This means you’ll find the best Matches on Kalido. 

Our powerful Matching technology has been recognised by the World Economic Forum, which has also named Kalido a 2020 Tech Pioneer

How does it help me?

The skills landscape is constantly changing. It’s also very unstructured and full of jargon which creates uncertainty around how the same skills are named in different fields. What Kalido does is to understand the universe of skills in a way that’s up to date and evolving, so we can bring people with different skills together. 

Empowering enterprise: how we use machine learning to create new opportunities. 

By understanding the skills landscape as a whole, Kalido prevents people from becoming defined by just one word that describes only part of their skillset. It lets hiring managers articulate the skills they’re really looking for and connect with people who are perfect for the role – but who they wouldn’t have found outside Kalido. And individuals on Kalido can Match with new Projects, Roles, and Opportunities that would otherwise be undiscovered. 

Kalido’s AI can also help to boost your Skills profile by articulating your skillset, suggesting Skills you can add, and Opportunities that will help to boost your Skills for the future. 

Will my data be used responsibly?

Yes, Kalido only uses your data to help you and other Kalido users boost your Skills profiles and find great Opportunities. We don’t sell your data to third parties or use it for advertising. 

Feedback from our users is crucial to help our models learn. No models are perfect, so we’ve built in feedback mechanisms to help us improve. You can opt-out of machine learning in Settings – although this does mean you’ll miss out on all the brilliant ways our AI can help your enterprise and career.

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