What is a Kalido Contact?

Two users are Kalido Contacts if they have each otherʼs respective mobile numbers or emails, and have not blocked each other. Kalido Contacts expand your trusted network, resulting in more trusted matches, and can call each other for free from the app (for 60 minutes each month), so itʼs always a good idea to add more Kalido Contacts.

Whatʼs the benefit of adding Kalido Contacts?

The more Kalido Contacts you have, the larger the community of people (and opportunities) you can access, and the easier it will be to match you with relevant people.
Matches are ranked based on social closeness, so when you exchange contact details, a user who is a general contact (friend of a friend) becomes your Kalido Contact (friend). This means you will make both of you better matches for each other, and everyone you both know will also find better matches through your newly established connection.
The Community row in your feed also shows you what skills are provided by everyone you know, everyone they know, and everyone in your networks, and who they want to meet. Instead of a list of boring CVs, Kalido shows people’s intent. That way, the potential of your network is clear to you, giving you opportunities to help people directly, refer people, and quickly find people who have the skills you need.
To get more Kalido Contacts, invite your colleagues, friends, and family to join. You’ll be connected to their contacts, who will become your Kalido Contacts if and when you decide to exchange contact details with them.The more Kalido Contacts you have, the more referrals youʼll get, and the easier it will be to match you with potential clients and professionals.

How can I be sure a contact really is as qualified as they say they are?

  • Ask common contacts for referrals (Kalido shows you any common contacts when you’re looking at another user’s profile), so you have an idea of their personality and reputation before meeting up.
  • Since youʼll likely be physically close to each other, you can always arrange for a face-to-face meet up before choosing to work with them.

Kalido doesnʼt vet or endorse any users, but rather than relying on ratings or reviews from strangers, we believe speaking to shared contacts and and establishing reputations within shared groups (schools, workplaces, etc.) are a better way to understand the potential for two people to work together.

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