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Whatʼs the benefit of adding people to my Personal Network?

The more people you have in your Personal Network, the larger the community of people (and opportunities) you can access, and the easier it will be to match you with relevant people. Matches are ranked based on social closeness, among other things, so matches who have more of the same contacts in their personal networks will be ranked higher than those who have no contacts in common with you. (Matches who have multiple networks in common with you will similarly be ranked higher than matches with only one network in common, so it’s also a good idea to belong to all of the networks that are relevant for you). When you add people to your personal network, the people they know will become part of your Extended Network, though you’ll only be able to contact them via an introduction from the person or people you have in common, to protect everyone’s privacy.

How do I grow my Personal Network?

To get more Kalido Contacts and a larger Personal Network, go to the Networks tab, open your Personal Network, and tap the ‘Add people’ button. You can request to add anyone on Kalido who has chosen to be visible (visibility can be changed in Settings), but they must accept your request in order to become part of your Personal Network.
You can also invite your colleagues, friends, and family to join Kalido. Simply tap the Nearby tab, and use the “Invite someone” button.
The larger your Personal Network, the more referrals youʼll get, and the easier it will be to match you with potential clients and professionals.

How can I be sure a contact really is as qualified as they say they are?

  • Ask common contacts for referrals (Kalido shows you any common contacts when you’re looking at another user’s profile), so you have an idea of their personality and reputation before meeting up.
  • Look for recommendations in their profile from people you know
  • Since youʼll likely be physically close to each other, you can always arrange for a face-to-face meet up before choosing to work with them.

Kalido doesnʼt vet or endorse any users, but rather than relying on ratings or reviews from strangers, we believe speaking to shared contacts and establishing reputations within shared groups (schools, workplaces, etc.) are a better way to understand the potential for two people to work together.

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