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Explore and grow - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido

Explore and grow

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How can I get the most out of Kalido?

Creating a rich Profile is a great way to get started on Kalido. But as an individual, you’re always growing your Skills, and gaining new Interests, aspirations, and goals. Kalido lets you capture all this in a really simple, ongoing way that means your Profile evolves with you. 

The Networks you belong to on Kalido are a valuable source of Opportunity. Having all your Networks of trusted connections in one place means you can bring the power of Kalido to all your Networks. And if you can’t find all the right Networks for you on Kalido, create them and invite people to them, starting with your Personal Network. 

Play an active role in your Networks. Kalido makes this easy – it lets you know when people are Nearby, and making Recommendations and Introductions is fast and simple. 

How do I add people to my Personal Network? 

To grow your Personal Network, go to the Networks tab, open your Personal Network, and tap ‘Add People’. You can request to add anyone on Kalido who has chosen to be visible (visibility can be changed in Settings), but they must accept your request to become part of your Personal Network.

You can also invite colleagues, friends, and family to join Kalido. 

Mobile: tap the Nearby tab, and use the ‘Invite someone’ button.

How can I offer my Skills?

Mobile & web: go to the Skills tab and search for and add your Skills, including details of your rates, Competency self-rating, and Availability.

On mobile, you can also select the Skills tab and tap ‘Provide a Skill’. Search or add all the Skills you want to offer, which Networks you want to share them with and set your rates and Availability.

Alternatively, create a ‘Find me a Project’ Quest [link to Quests section] and we’ll take you through a hassle-free Profile update to make sure your Skills are up to date. Once your Profile is optimised, we’ll Match you to exciting Opportunities that are a great fit for your expertise. 

How can I offer my company’s Services?

Go to the ‘Companies I represent’ tab on your Profile. You don’t need to be the owner of a company to represent it, and multiple people can represent the same company. Add your company’s logo, name, url, Location, short description, and your Role to the page. You can then search and add the key products and services your company can provide. Add an overview and pricing for each one, and include any relevant Certifications to boost their credibility.

Can I share examples of my work?

Yes – showcase your work on Kalido by uploading images to your Profile, and adding links to your portfolio, social accounts and website. You can send files in Chats and Channels on Kalido if you want to share specific documents or images.

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