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Other - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido


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Who owns the rights to work done as a result of Matching on Kalido?

Youʼll agree who owns any rights directly with the person or organisation you’ve Matched with, outside Kalido. 

If someone commissions work from you, who the copyright belongs to depends on the copyright laws in the country of jurisdiction. Usually, it belongs to the person creating the work, even after payment, unless it has been assigned to the person commissioning it in writing. 

Is the money I earn through Matching on Kalido taxable?

Anything concerning taxation is entirely your responsibility, not Kalido’s. 

Can I pay someone for their work on Kalido?

At the moment, youʼll both need to agree on payment outside of the app.

If I make a transaction with someone on Kalido, will Kalido ensure I get paid?

Sadly not. Thatʼs why we aim to Match you with someone you already have a trust-based connection with (common connections, Networks, etc.), so youʼre less likely to meet up with someone who gives you trouble with payments. Please report unscrupulous users to us at support@kalido.me.

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