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Why should I use Kalido?

You are surrounded by opportunities. To capture them, you need a way to see them. And your network can unlock a whole world of opportunities. But if you’re like most people, building, maintaining, and getting value from your networks is hard. That’s why we built Kalido. It will help you uncover the opportunities that surround you. Opportunities to make deeper connections with your colleagues and alumni. Opportunities to work with skilled people nearby. Opportunities to hire and be hired, to refer and be referred. There’s a lot going on around you right now. And Kalido will help you discover it.

How does Kalido work?

Kalido acts as your personal agent, helping you to stay in touch with the people you know, and connecting you with the people you should know. It does this by combining your personal network (who you know) with your approximate location (where you are), your intent (the skills you have, and the skills you’re looking for) with a sophisticated matching algorithm and an amazing opportunity engine, to help you get the most from your personal, professional and extended networks.  Kalido provides all of this through secure private networks, with trust at the core.

How can I get the most out of Kalido?

  • Make sure your profile is as complete as possible. Give as much information as youʼre comfortable sharing, as all of it will help Kalido to match you with others.
  • Add the skills you want to share, and the skills you are looking for e.g. “I can provide accountancy” or “I want to meet an audiologist.”
  • Invite colleagues, friends, and family to Kalido, and add them to your personal network, so that matches with the people they know will highlight the people you have in common, and make conversations simpler.
  • Make sure you have a great profile picture.
  • Create a private network for your organisation or community, and join the networks that are important to you, such as your current company or the schools you previously attended.
  • If you’ve got a portfolio, showcase it by adding pictures to your profile, or just include action shots of you doing what youʼre good at.

How do I create a private network on Kalido?

How do I make and receive introductions on Kalido?

How do I make and receive recommendations on Kalido?

What are the benefits of the nearby function?

Can I invite people to Kalido?

Sure, check out this video to see how easy it is.

Can anyone use Kalido?

Sure, anyone above the age of 16 is welcome. Unfortunately, due to legal constraints, minors will have to wait for their 16th birthday to sign up.

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