Managing a Kalido Network - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido
Managing a Kalido Network - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido

Managing a Kalido Network

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How do I create a Network?

Go to Networks and select ‘Create a New Network’. Follow the steps to name your Network and give a short description. You can customise the settings for Location, decide whether users need to request to join and whether members are visible to each other in Nearby. Then choose ‘Add Network’ (mobile) or ‘Create’ (web). 

As an Admin, how much control do I have over the Network? 

As an Admin, you can design and manage the Network so it’s tailored exactly to your, and your organisation’s, needs. You can:

  • Send broadcast messages which reach all members simultaneously. This is great for sending important or urgent updates and to arrange meet-ups. 
  • Choose if members can see others’ Locations to use the Nearby function.
  • Select the visibility of your Network. It can be as private as you want, or you can be visible to a wide range of users on Kalido who you may want to join and be part of your Network. 
  • Edit the Roles of members of your Networks so it’s clear what everyone’s remits are. 
  • Add website links.
  • Customise the joining criteria so that people have to ask to join your Network and you can review potential members.
  • Create custom acceptance and rejection messages to members requesting to join.
  • Create automatic acceptance of anyone with an email address with a particular domain/domains. 
  • Decide whether only Admins can start Group Chats or if any member can.
  • Share your Network directly with others via a handy link or QR code.
  • Invite people to join the Network to make sure you’re bringing in the right Skills and including people who can really add value to your conversations.
  • Create a Channel so that groups within your Network have a focused place to discuss particular topics or business units.
  • Add and remove Admins (there must be at least one). 

How can I make someone else a Network Admin as well as, or instead of, me? 

On the Network page, tap the section that shows the number of Network Admins. You can add or remove other Admins, or remove yourself as an Admin. A Network must have at least one Admin. 

What data can I see? What other services can I offer our members? 

Administrators can use Kalido to broadcast important messages to the whole community simultaneously. Our analytics can show Admins what members are looking for in different geographies and get a true picture of member activities. 

We are building a whole range of analytics to measure engagement…coming to Kalido soon. 

Do you offer a white label version of Kalido?

We don’t offer a white label version of Kalido as we’d have to charge Network owners for customised software support, design, and maintenance. Instead, all Networks are fully customisable, so you can add your organisation’s branding and encourage members to brand their own Profiles to align with your organisation. You can make your spaces on Kalido very much your own. 

When Kalido pre-populated my Profile, I was automatically added as the Admin of a Network but I don’t want to be. How can I change this?

Later in 2020, this will be changed so that you’ll see the organisation on your Profile, but won’t automatically join its Network or be made an Admin.

Can I use the Nearby function for my Networks?

Yes, you can add a Location to your Network and make it visible to Network members. This can be useful for setting up meetings. For example, if this is your organisation’s Network, you can add your office Location which means Network members using Nearby can discover that they’re in the same area and can drop by for a meeting – a really useful Opportunity that may not have been discovered without Nearby. 

If I, or a member of my team, leaves my organisation’s Network what happens?

You’ll no longer have access to its Chats, Channels, broadcast messages, or automatic connections to its members. But any connections that you’ve added to your Personal Network will still be there – and it’s a great way to stay in touch with former colleagues if either of you leave your organisation’s Network. 

There are also still plenty of Opportunities for you on Kalido, both through the connections in your Personal Network, your new organisation’s Network if you have one, and new Networks that Kalido will suggest for you and that you can search for and explore in the Networks tab. 

We also encourage organisations to create alumni Networks to help make sure former colleagues can still keep in touch, and that the organisation continues to benefit from all the Opportunities their former Network members can provide for years to come. 

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