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Matching - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido


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What is a match?

A match is someone that Kalido’s AI believes fits the skill you’re looking for or can provide. So, it’s the talented web developer you’ve been looking for. Or, if you’re that web developer, it’s a client or colleague you could help.

How does matching work?

Kalido ranks matches based on how relevant, and how socially and physically close they are to you. So, someone who is close by (physically close), and is looking for a skill or service you can provide (relevant) will rank higher than a potential client or colleague who’s far away. And a colleague who has two networks in common with you will rank higher than someone who only shares one network with you. As people move around, and add new services and contacts, Kalido will constantly update your matches, and alert you to new matches.

How do I get a match?

Who will I match with?

Kalido can match you with anyone in the networks you belong to. This includes private networks (where only members approved by the network admin can join), geographic networks (which anyone can join), your Personal network (where you decide who can join), and your Extended network (which includes everyone who knows the people in your Personal network). Kalido matches skills to searches. So if you can provide ‘piano lessons’ as a skill, you might be matched to someone who is searching for ‘a piano teacher’. Because Kalido offers natural language searching, it doesn’t matter what phrase you use (‘piano teacher’ or ‘piano lessons’), the system will intelligently match you.

Can I change whom Iʼm matched with?

Yes. For each skill you provide, and each search you create, you can tell Kalido in exactly which networks it should look for matches.

What if Iʼm not happy with the contact Iʼm matched with?

You can always dismiss a match if you’re not interested in engaging with that person. Kalido does not vet or endorse any users, which means that, unfortunately, we can’t take responsibility for the quality of skills or services rendered. Kalido gives you information that helps you decide whether you want to work with someone. Our personalized ranking system guides you towards contacts who are more relevant, and socially and physically closer to you, but ultimately, it will be your decision. You can also block anyone you choose on Kalido, by scrolling to the bottom of their profile, and using the Block button.

Can I match with someone specific?

No. Kalido will find you the most relevant person available from all the users in the networks you specified. If you’re looking for a specific person who is not in your networks already, you can try to find them using the “Add people” button in your personal network, or invite them to join Kalido using the “Invite someone” button in the Nearby tab.

Can I match with someone with a specific job title?

Yes. For example, you can specify “I want to meet a senior iOS developer”. However, you’ll only be matched to people within the networks you choose, who have that specific job title.

How can I control how far away matches should be?

In the Skills tab, select ‘Meet skilled people’ or ‘Provide a skill’. Once you’ve specified the skill or service you can provide, or are looking for, you can set a radius within which you want to receive matches for this specific search. To alter the conditions of an existing search, just select it from your list of skills, and tap “Edit.”

How do I contact a match?

You can chat to them immediately with the chat feature. If youʼre not sure how to start the conversation, use one of the handy icebreakers to give you a suggested opening line.

I am travelling or moving soon. Can I match with someone as if I am already in my future location?

Not at the moment.

Why was I matched with someone who doesnʼt fit any of my services?

Occasionally, Kalido will match you to someone who has a common network or common contacts with you, if your job titles match one of their searches. For example, if you’re a Senior iOS developer, and a user tells us “I want to meet a Senior iOS developer”, you’ll be suggested to them as a match (but only if they share a network with you).

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