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Opportunitites - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido


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What is an Opportunity?

Opportunities are things you can react to that either begin a meaningful conversation with other people, or generate more Opportunities – for you or other Kalido users. 

Kalido surfaces Opportunities for you in different ways. Your Quests, and other users’ Quests, result in Matches for Opportunities such as job vacancies, joining a project team, moving roles internally or consultancy.

Your activities, and other users’ activities such as Profile edits, Network and Channel creation, and Chats prompt suggestions. And even your lack of activity – not updating your Availability or Skills for a while, for example – means Kalido will suggest making updates so that you can get more Matches, more Opportunities. 

What is the Opportunities tab?

The Opportunities tab shows you other people’s Quests that you’ve matched with. You can review and easily contact your Matches or other Quest owners to take things further.

You’ll see Opportunities that you could be a great fit for – and how your Profile ranks for each one –  but might be outside or adjacent to your Skill set. You can review the full details of each Opportunity, and dismiss or express interest in them. Expressing interest in an Opportunity lets the Quest owner know, and they can easily contact you to discuss further and explore how you could help each other.

When Kalido shows me an Opportunity, it gives me options to dismiss or show interest. What does show interest mean?

When you choose to ‘Show interest’ in an Opportunity, it notifies the Quest owner that you’re interested in helping to meet their need. Bringing your interest to their attention could prompt them to view your Profile and get in touch to discuss further.

How can I get more Opportunities?

The more regularly you update your Profile, the more relevant Opportunities we can keep surfacing to help you engage, enhance and grow. Making sure your Skills and Interests are up-to-date, with Certifications wherever relevant, means you’re likely to increase your Matches. 

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