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What is an icebreaker?

These are suggested opening lines that let you introduce yourself to someone you donʼt know. They can also help you start the conversation when youʼre making introductions between people you do know.

Can I advertise on Kalido?

As an individual, you can promote your services on Kalido using the ‘Offer Services’ function. At this time, Kalido does not support any other form of advertising.

Who owns the rights to work done through matching on Kalido?

Youʼll agree to this with your match outside of the app.

How does tax work on the money Iʼve made from matching on Kalido?

This will be governed by the relevant laws in your country. By default, youʼll probably be liable for income tax of some sort. No, we canʼt help you dodge that – sorry!

I have another question, is there a real human being I can speak to?

Of course. Weʼd love to hear from you. You can drop us a mail at support@kalido.me.

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