Do I have to pay for Kalido?

Nope. Kalido is free for download and always will be. We believe in entrepreneurship and encouraging meaningful connections, so we want as many people to make those connections as possible. At some later stage, we will add premium and enterprise services on a subscription basis, but currently, the only charges will be on data from your network provider.

Can I pay someone on Kalido?

At the moment, youʼll both need to agree on payment outside of the app.

Can Kalido ensure Iʼll get paid?

Sadly not. Thatʼs why we try to match you with someone you already have a trust-based connection with (common contacts, networks etc.), so youʼre less likely to meet up with someone who gives you trouble with payments. Please report unscrupulous users to us at, because although we wonʼt be able to enforce payment from them, weʼll at least be able to remove them from Kalido.

What if I want to cancel my job, but my service provider has already put work in?

The legal answer is: Youʼll have agreed to the terms of your arrangement when the work started, and any disputes will be governed by the laws of your country, or the international laws of contract and sale. The ‘people’ answer is: Talk to your service provider, and you will probably be able to come to some sort of agreement that youʼll both be ok with.

How exactly does Kalido make money?

At the moment, we don’t. In the future, we’ll introduce amazing new services that are valuable enough that you won’t mind paying for them. Basic posting and matching will always remain free: we are deeply committed to empowering entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

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