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Profile Investment - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido

Profile investment

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Why should I invest time in my Profile?

Your Profile is key to getting the most out of Kalido. The more detailed a picture you can give us of your Skills, related Competencies, and Interests, the more and better quality Opportunities we can surface for you. 

How do I build an effective Profile?

Biography: make sure it’s a compelling summary of your experience, Skills, and Interests that will grab people’s attention, and highlights what you have to offer. 

Photo: a good, clear Profile photo can make all the difference. It humanises your Profile and helps people engage and connect with you. Profiles with pictures usually have higher engagement than those that don’t.

Social media: link your social media accounts to your Profile to showcase your work and whole self. 

Skills: adding the full list of personal and professional Skills that you want to showcase on Kalido – and keeping it up to date – will help you find the most relevant Opportunities. 

Competency: improve your Matches and help other Kalido users understand your expertise by adding a Competency self-rating to your Skills. 

Interests: add a comprehensive list that will help you find commonality with other users and start conversations. 

Recommendations: remember to offer and ask for Recommendations on Kalido. They really help boost the credibility of your Skills and Profile, and can help other users to decide to connect or work with you. And offering Recommendations to people who’ve been great to work with helps them in turn. 

Images and links: adding images and links to your Profile is a great way to share pictures of your work and links to your portfolio and website, etc. It helps other people explore your work and get greater insights into you and your expertise. 

How do I make sure my Profile is optimised and up to date?

Keep your Profile up to date by continuing to add new Skills, Competencies, and Certifications. 

Starting a ‘Find me Opportunities’ Quest is a hassle-free way to make sure your Profile accurately reflects all the Skills you want to showcase and your recent experience. 

Kalido will walk you through a simple process to update your Availability, levels of experience, preferred Location, and which Channels and Networks you want us to search for Opportunities. 

Once your Profile is optimised, we can Match you to exciting Opportunities that are a great fit for your expertise. 

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