Quests, Opportunitites and Matching - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido
Quests, Opportunitites and Matching - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido

Quests, Opportunities, and Matching

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What are the different types of Quest?

Find Me a Project

Kalido is always working to find you the best Opportunities based on your Profile. This Kalido Quest makes it quick and easy to ensure your Profile accurately reflects your experience and availability for future Projects so you never miss out. 

Find People For Projects

Looking for the right skillsets for your next project? Give us more detail about the resources your project requires and we’ll Match you to people with the Skills you need.

Search For Expertise

Looking for specialist knowledge? Just tell Kalido what kind of expertise you’re looking for and we’ll search across people, companies, industries, services and products.

Quests, coming soon…


Do you need to raise capital and find engaged investors to make your great idea become a reality? Tell us what you need, and we’ll share it with the people who can help make it happen.

Find Me Company Leads

Update your service and product offerings to showcase what your company has to offer. Then we’ll Match you with the people who need your company’s expertise. 

Optimise My Skills Ecosystem

Understand the Skills ecosystem around you – the Skills you have ready to deploy and those you’ll need for future Projects. Tell us more about what you need and we can provide powerful insights into your Network.

Meet People

Kalido makes it easy to meet the people you need to talk to. Whether it’s a local expert in the city where you’re travelling, or a running buddy to train with, tell us who you’re looking for and we’ll put you in touch.

What’s Matching and how does it help me?

Kalido uses sophisticated AI and machine learning models to match you with Opportunities. These Matches can be generated by a Quest started by you, or another Kalido user. Once you give us the details of the Skills you can provide, or that you want other people to provide, Kalido’s AI will quickly find you the Projects or people that are the best Matches.

Kalido will show you which Matches are exact, which are almost-perfect and which lack some criteria you’ve requested but are still worth investigating. And any Quests you start will continue to keep searching until you mark them complete, so you can be confident that Kalido is continuing to find the most relevant Matches for you. 

You can help us improve the quality of Matching by letting us use your searches to train our Matching models. Find this option in Settings->Preferences->Help us improve matching. 

My industry has unique needs: can you build tailor-made Quests for my organisation? 

Yes, we can tailor Quests to organisational needs and expand the number of Quests. Contact to discuss how we can help. 

What is an Opportunity on Kalido?

Opportunities are things you can react to that either begin a meaningful conversation with other people or generate more Opportunities – for you or other Kalido users. 

Kalido surfaces Opportunities for you in different ways. Your Quests, and other users’ Quests, result in Matches for Opportunities such as job vacancies, joining a Project team, or moving roles internally.

Your activities, and other users’ activities such as Profile edits, Network and Channel creation, and Chats prompt suggestions. And even your lack of activity – not updating your Availability or Skills for a while, for example – means Kalido will suggest making updates so that you can get more Matches, more Opportunities. 

What is the Opportunity Map?

The Opportunity Map is a single, central place that is constantly updating and shows you a selection of the most relevant changes in your Networks. And the more regularly you update your Profile, the more relevant Opportunities we can keep surfacing to help you engage, enhance, and grow.

What happens if my Quest doesn’t immediately return any answers?

Unlike simple, one-time search functions, a Kalido Quest continues to search and Match you with the best Opportunities – until you choose to complete it. Our Matching functionality grows smarter as it learns more about you and what you’re looking for. So you can be confident that Kalido is always finding the most relevant, up-to-date Opportunities for you. 

How can I be confident that my Matches are as qualified as they say?

Kalido’s philosophy is to present you with the data you need to make a quick decision about Competency. 

There are three types of Competency on Kalido that can help you be confident in your Matches’ qualifications. 

Self Rating

You can add your own Competency rating to your Skills. 

Mobile & web: in the Skills tab, users can give themselves a Competency rating by clicking on each Skill, selecting, ‘Edit’ next to Skill Competency, and choosing a Skill level. These include ‘Basic understanding’, ‘Hands-on experience’, ‘Extensive experience’, Subject matter expert’, and ‘Master’.  

Manager Rating

If your organisation has an internal skills profiling system, Kalido can pull manager ratings into employee Profiles. 

Kalido Estimated Competency

Kalido produces a Competency rating based on information such as previous experience and any Certifications the user has linked to their Skills. 

Kalido also scans people’s Profiles and feeds past Project descriptions and Certifications through our machine learning models to reveal levels of Competency for particular Skills. Kalido shares this with you as suggestions for pieces of evidence you could link to in order to verify your Competency in a particular Skill, giving credibility to your Profile and reassurance to people you Match with on Kalido. 

You can also ask your common connections for Recommendations. Kalido shows you any connections you have in common when you’re looking at another user’s Profile – so you can get an idea of their personality, reputation, and credibility before making contact. You can also look for Recommendations on their Profile from people you know. And you can always arrange a meeting with them before deciding to work together.

Can I delete or complete a Quest?

Go to Quests and you’ll see a list of all your current Quests. You can update, delete, or complete them here. If you decide to complete a Quest, Kalido will stop searching for Matches and the Quest will be archived. You can view your archived Quests at any time.

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