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Privacy - Frequently Asked Questions - Kalido

Privacy and security

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Why should I give Kalido access to my phonebook?

There is no requirement to share your phone book with Kalido. However, doing so makes it easier to find contacts to invite to your personal network. Sharing your phone book also lets you invite any of your contacts to join Kalido easily and conveniently, and makes it easier to recommend people not on Kalido yet. You own your contact data, so when you delete your account, your contact data is deleted along with it. And because we adhere to GDPR requirements, we’ll also automatically delete your phone book information if you don’t open Kalido for six months in a row. We will never send messages to your contacts without your permission. You can share or unshare your contact list on Kalido at any time. In Settings, use the ‘Permissions’ option to access this functionality.

Who can I message and who can message me?

You can message anyone in the networks you belong to, with the exception of Extended Network members. To protect everyone’s privacy, Extended Network members can only be contacted after you’ve requested an introduction from someone in your personal network. You’ll also be able to receive messages from the same people.
For the safety of the Kalido community, you can only send three messages in a row at first, and your initial messages must be longer than 10 characters. After that, the recipient must send you a message to continue the conversation. To the extent possible, Kalido also prevents the sending of abusive messages and inappropriate images.

Can I block someone in my network from seeing my profile?

Yes. Visit their profile, scroll to the bottom, and use the Block button. You can block users from the chat window (use the three dot menu at the top right).

I worry about being stalked or harassed. How does Kalido protect me?

Kalido takes your security very seriously. We have implemented strict community guidelines, and many features to prevent stalking and other unacceptable behaviour. Your safety is protected in the following ways:

  1. We do not share your phone number or email with anyone, unless you choose to share it using the “Share contact details” function in chat.
  2. Strangers can only see your approximate distance from themselves, and only your contacts can see your approximate location. Your distance is rounded, so someone 9,397 km from you will see you as 9,400 km away, while someone 5.2 km away will see you as 5 km away. Only an encrypted and obscured location is transmitted to other user’s devices, to prevent revealing your precise location.
  3. We do not track your live location. To preserve your privacy (and your battery life), Kalido will update your location every few minutes while open, but will only update when you have travelled more than a few km when in the background (and even then, only if you’ve allowed background location sharing, and your phone permits it).
  4. We do not track your location history. Kalido only knows the last location you’ve uploaded at any point in time.
  5. You can also block anyone by using the Block button at the bottom of their profile.
  6. Community Guidelines govern all our users, and are strictly enforced.
  7. Strangers can only send you three messages at first, and must wait for you to reply before they can message you again.
  8. Most potentially abusive terms automatically flagged by our system. Strangers cannot send you any words on our prohibited list.
  9. Images are automatically scanned when uploaded, and blocked if the system determines they are inappropriate.

In the rare event of bad behaviour, please report it to us. We’ll deal with it quite severely.

Kalido is showing me random contacts in my Address Book. Help!

This problem is most likely due to your Gmail account automatically adding contacts to your phonebook. Here’s how to fix this:

  • Login to your Gmail account and open the mail Settings menu (gear icon, top right).
  • Go to the General tab and scroll down to ‘Create contacts for auto-complete’ and select ‘Iʼll add contacts myself’.

Please note that this will prevent future random contacts from popping up, but you’ll have to manually delete any existing contacts that you don’t want.

Why does Kalido need my location, and who can see it?

Kalido uses your present location to find you the best matches, and to show you nearby contacts and network members, and to suggest nearby networks to you. However, for your safety, your location is only ever given as a general estimate, and never closer than 250m. Other network members will see your current country and city, or city and neighbourhood (whichever is most relevant based on where they are).

Can I control who sees my location?

You can block a specific person from seeing your location by using the Block button at the bottom of their Profile. You can block an entire network from seeing your location by using the Set Preferences button for that network in the Networks tab. As a network administrator, you can also choose to have a network where members cannot share their location, using the Edit Network button when viewing a specific Network.

Iʼm travelling at the moment. How will I be matched?

Kalido picks up your current location (as long as you’ve enabled background location sharing, or opened the app recently) to find great matches wherever you are now. This means youʼll find great matches that you can meet and work with, wherever in the world you may be.

How secure is Kalido?

All information you give Kalido is secured on your device and our servers using transparent database encryption, AES-256 and SHA2; while in transit using SSL; and on a call using SRTP.

Are you going to sell my personal information to advertisers?

No. We wonʼt share personally identifiable information with any third parties without your express permission.

How does Kalido protect my privacy?

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