What services can I add?

Services on Kalido cannot be:

  1. Illegal in your country
  2. Sexual in nature
  3. Related to the distribution or consumption of illicit substances
  4. Related to the distribution or usage of firearms
  5. Intended to discriminate against a particular group.

How do I add services?

Press the magnifying glass on your Kalido feed and select ‘Find a professional’ or ‘Offer a service’.

What are some of the services currently available on Kalido?

 Services can be anything from providing or requesting accounting advice, to finding a running partner, to simply getting together for a long overdue catch-up. We’re firm believers in work/life balance, so we encourage connecting for professional and social reasons. Although we use the terms ‘service provider’ and ‘service’, all we really mean is ‘someone who can do something I want’ and ‘something I’m good at doing’.

What if the service I want isn’t shown in the bubbles I see when I tap ‘Inspire me’?

The bubbles are just helpful suggestions, based on what other Kalido users have added. You can add your own unique service, and sometimes we’ll add these to the bubbles for future users too.

How should I phrase my service offering?

Just phrase it as you would normally speak. Because Kalido uses natural language searching, it doesn’t matter if you say you can provide bongo ‘lessons’, or bongo ‘classes’. Kalido will intelligently match you to the right person. The only important thing to remember is that your service should be able to complete the default phrases of ‘I can provide…’ and ‘I want to meet…’.

Who can see my services?

Anyone who sees your profile can see all the services you provide, unless you have explicitly restricted this in your Settings. For example, if you opted to only match with your contacts, only your contacts will see your services. If you opted to match with people in your networks, only these people will see your services.

What happens if Kalido can’t find a match for me yet?

If Kalido can’t find a match for you, you can share your search with contacts via Kalido, to see if they can recommend someone. You can also increase your matching distance, change your search to broaden it or make it more specific, or loosen your restrictions on whether matches must share a network or have a contact in common with you. Also, new people are always signing up to Kalido, so sometimes a little time is all it takes.

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