Smart Matches

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Kalido intelligently matches you with the professionals you need. You donʼt even have to know their proper job title. So, if you want someone to ‘fix my house’, weʼll find you the best ‘building contractor’ out there. Kalido will also rank professionals based on location and social proximity (whether they have shared contacts, networks, or affiliations with you). This makes it easy for you to choose the best person for the job.

Targeted Matches

Looking for someone who works for a particular company? Kalido can find contacts from specific organizations, or with specific job titles. As long as you have a shared contact (a trust-based connection), weʼll introduce you.
Add a find professionals goal

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Direct Contact

Call, text, or meet up with your match directly. You wonʼt have to deal with a middleman, a robot, or the next available operator.

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Continuous Search

Whether youʼre in Johannesburg, Delhi, Melbourne, or anywhere else, Kalido can find the professionals you need. And notify you as soon as we do. So, carry on with work, or gym, or writing your memoirs (chapter 3 is looking really good), weʼll be searching in the meantime.

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Zero Commission

We donʼt charge recruitment or service fees. So, service providers wonʼt have to overbill you to cover anyoneʼs commission. And we let you call and text from the app for free.

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