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Kalido and HCL - Kalido

Kalido and HCL

Introducing Kalido

Today, the ERS team is launching a pilot scheme for a new product, Kalido. If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for the pilot now.

What is Kalido?

Kalido is an AI powered platform that finds and creates opportunities for individuals in enterprises and communities. It supercharges worker well-being, business productivity and innovation.

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Kalido’s intuitive tools match people – based on skills – to connections, teams, projects and roles, to surface economic, professional and social opportunities that would otherwise stay hidden.

Do we need to try out another tool? Why is Kalido different?

The reason we’re piloting Kalido with the ERS team is because we believe it has a genuinely different offering and the potential to transform the way we work at HCL. What sets Kalido apart is its smart, proprietary AI that matches people using their skills and goals to uncover opportunities that usually remain hidden when using traditional collaboration and recruitment tools.

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“At HCL we were extremely excited to invest in Kalido in 2019. We could see the tremendous possibility this product has to transform organisations by creating truly liquid workforces, and optimising productivity and employee well-being. Kalido has the potential to be a game-changer, not only for us, but our clients too.”

Vijay Anand Guntur, Corporate VP and Head – HnC, Engineering and R&D Services, HCL Technologies.
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A few of the ways Kalido empowers individuals and enterprises:

Rich, dynamic profiles

Kalido lets users create a holistic whole-self picture of their skills, interests and experience, to match with great opportunities in the HCL Network. 

Effective project staffing and recruitment

Kalido’s Skill Matching technology acts like a search engine for finding people in the HCL Network. It also showcases real-time availability of employees so they can switch between projects with greater fluidity. 

Faster, smarter, more flexible collaboration

All the collaboration tools for agile working on one platform. Users can send direct Chat messages, start Group Chats with other users or create Channels that are ideal for long-term conversations around a specific project or topic. Share files, images and polls with ease.

Find expertise quickly

Kalido’s Nearby function shows users the people around them and the skills they can provide. Great for building a team, getting expert help for a project or arranging impromptu meetings.

Secure and protected

At Kalido, we make sure adequate safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized and unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction, or damage of personal data which are processed. Data is encrypted during transit as well as while at rest using industry-accepted encryption mechanisms. Access to data is restricted only to HCL internal community based on the need to know. Platform users are granted complete control over their profile including deletion rights. Further, a dedicated team at Kalido is always ready to address any security or privacy concerns that the users might have.  

Privacy FAQs

How does Kalido use my data?

For the purpose of improving the user experience, HCL and Kalido have agreed to pre-polulate professional skills data of the employees who are selected for the pilot project. However, your data will only be used on Kalido when you actually sign up; if you don’t sign up with Kalido, after the pilot finishes, Kalido will delete your data.

Kalido only uses your data to help you and other Kalido users boost your Skills profiles and find great Opportunities. We don’t sell your data to third parties or use it for advertising.

Do I have to give permission to Kalido to use my data?

As part of the sign-up process, you’ll need to read and accept Kalido’s Terms of Use which give us permission to use your data to help create your Profile.

What happens to my data if I don’t accept the sign up invite?

If you don’t sign up to Kalido, all your data will be deleted once the ERS pilot finishes even if HCL decides to continue using Kalido. 

What happens to my data if I delete my Kalido account?

Automatic deletion processes are triggered, removing your data from our servers and backups.

For more details on privacy and security, please visit our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and FAQs.

If you require a help in hand to get going with Kalido, you can donwload our Quick Start Guide.

We’re excited to see Kalido in action, and what the results of the pilot could mean for the future of work at HCL.