Kalido's skill competency ratings and how they can help - Kalido
Kalido's skill competency ratings and how they can help - Kalido

Competency ratings

Kalido’s philosophy is to present you with the data you need to make a quick decision about Competency. 

There are three types of Competency ratings that help give a truer picture of someone’s Skills and make Matching more accurate.

kalido skills ratings
You can state your skills, a manager can rate your skills and so can Kalido.

Self Rating

People can add their own Competency rating for each of their Skills. These are: ‘Basic understanding’, ‘Hands-on experience’, ‘Extensive experience’, Subject matter expert’ and ‘Master’. Adding your own ratings will help to Match you with the roles and Projects that are the best fit for you and where you can optimise your strongest Skills. 

Manager Rating

if your organisation has an internal skills profiling system, Kalido can pull manager ratings into employee Profiles. This is really useful for helping other managers in the organisation to gauge people’s Skill levels when they’re building teams or staffing Projects – and all in the language that your organisation uses for ratings. 

Kalido Estimated Competency

Kalido produces a Competency rating based on information such as previous experience and any Certifications the user has linked to their Skills. Kalido also scans users’ Profiles and feeds past Project descriptions and Certifications through our machine learning models to reveal levels of Competency for particular Skills. Kalido shares this with the user as suggestions for pieces of evidence they could link to in order to verify their Competency in a particular Skill, giving credibility to their Profile and reassurance to people they Match with on Kalido.