Learn how to showcase all of your skills - Kalido Kalido
Learn how to showcase all of your skills - Kalido


Kalido gives you a clear picture of your Skills ecosystem – the Skills you have around you today and the Skills you need for future Projects. Adding Skills to your own Profile showcases your talent on Kalido and helps Match you to Opportunities that are a great fit. 

add skills to my Kalido profile
Showcase all of your amazing Skills to your colleagues and Network members.

Add Skills to your Profile, tag them with Certifications to boost credibility and showcase your talent by sharing them with the Networks you choose, add images and links to relevant websites, social handles, and your portfolio.

my Kalido skills
Add Certifications and ratings to your Skills to get better Matches.

When you go to add a Skill, you’ll find quick-to-add auto-suggestions based on your existing Skills and the details you’ve provided about your work history. The more detailed and full a Profile you create, the more suggestions you’ll get. 

Our supercharged patented AI Matches you to economic Opportunities based on Skills. Find people who need your Skills and staff your Projects efficiently with the right skill sets.

On Kalido, we welcome hard and soft Skills that can be personal, as well as professional. Non-work related Skills can be a great way to find commonality and make excellent connections: you never know what exciting professional Opportunities might come about as a result.

Kalido lets users add any Skills, as long as they respect our Community Guidelines – including ones that aren’t already listed on Kalido.

By default, anyone in your Networks can see your Skills. But you can choose to tailor this for each Network so you have complete control over what other Kalido users can see.