Kalido for alumni

Kalido for alumni

Discover nearby alumni from your networks

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You are surrounded by alumni who have complementary skills, interests, goals, and opportunities. However, these opportunities go largely unseen. Kalido helps you uncover who they are, where they are, and matches you to them via AI. Whenever you enter a new city or one of your alumni is nearby Kalido will intelligently alert you so you can arrange impromptu meetups.

Maintain the connections that are important to you

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Kalido helps you keep alive the alumni relationships that are important to you. All housed within a private network, you can chat peer to peer or in groups both casually and professionally. Whether you want to arrange a meetup or share a business opportunity, Kalido offers you a private space to create large group chats while having the ability to see whole self profiles of the participants.

Create and share mutual opportunity

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Whether you have a new business venture or just an idea in its infancy, you can share it with your trusted alumni for ideas and inspiration. Kalido enables innovation that is created and shared with like-minded people. When you are looking to hire or be hired, you can accelerate your recruitment or next career opportunity with your alumni connections.

Benefit from career growth mentorships

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