Kalido for co-working spaces

We can now work anytime, anywhere, with anyone

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Technology enables a liquid global workforce to collaborate and create value anywhere in the world. As individuals, we constantly balance our creative and social lives across work, friends, and family, who are almost always in different places.

Freelancers and co-working spaces are on the rise

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50% of the workforce is expected to freelance by 2020. More flexible working opportunities and more independent workers drove a 20% global growth in co-working spaces last year. The growth is set to continue with an expected 5.1 million members of co-working spaces by 2022.

But most co-working spaces are not profitable

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58% of co-working spaces are unprofitable. One in four inhabitants of large cities says there are too many co-working spaces. Large suppliers offer 50% discounts, hurting small supplier margins. An average 50% member churn doesn’t help, since profitability is directly linked to occupancy and size. To compete, owners need to attract more members, engage them more deeply, and retain them for longer.

Kalido creates value for both co-working space members and owners

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Turn your co-working space into a universe of opportunity

Attract more members:

Would-be coworking members say networking opportunities are their most important criteria, after fast internet and meeting rooms. In your private Kalido network, a real time directory shows members who is there right now, what skills and experience they have, and where collaboration opportunities ex

Engage members more often:

Your private Kalido network provides: networking opportunities; smart introductions with automatic follow-up notifications; a directory of skills and recommendations; and messaging. Introductions, referrals and skill matching allow individuals to collaborate, hire, and be hired.

Retain members longer:

The average coworker only interacts with 4 people per day. Kalido enables more meaningful connections from the moment someone joins your space, shaping stronger communities in environments that might otherwise be populated by disparate and unaffiliated individuals.