Kalido and how it helps community groups - Kalido Kalido
Kalido and how it helps community groups - Kalido

Kalido for communities

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Discover and match with skilled volunteers and alumni

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You are surrounded by people and communities who have complementary skills, interests, goals, and opportunities. However, these opportunities go largely unseen. Kalido helps you uncover who they are, where they are, and matches you to them via AI. Kalido works for you 24/7/365, whether you are looking to recruit volunteers for your noble cause, hire or be hired, or looking to reconnect with ex collagues and alumni.

Connect with your community wherever they are

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Kalido helps you nurture and build key relationships with a private chat function that enables you to stay in touch with your tribe whenever you wish. Chat peer to peer or in groups while always knowing who’s nearby to connect and help out.

Collaborate seamlessly to be more effective

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Kalido promotes collaboration by building teams faster, with access to information and improving teamwork. Boost impact and productivity in your non-profit by deploying skilled people to relevant posts and projects, using Kalido’s intelligent auto suggestions. Securely chat, group chat, contribute to discussion and file share with anyone in your NGO.

Increase your impact and share opportunity

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We all gain skills, interests and experiences on our journeys. The impact of all these are magnified when shared. Whether you are an NGO or an alumni community, Kalido’s powerful AI will match you with those who you can help or those who can help you get to the next level.