Kalido for conferences

Kalido for conference organisers and attendees

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The conference industry is booming. The UK alone will have 1.4 million conferences this year, up 8% annually. And executives are seeing the value, with 87% planning to spend more on events in the future. In the US, 62 billion dollars is spent on sponsorship annually. Event planning jobs are on the rise, and every touch point of the industry is growing.

Attendees come for the connections

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Millennials claim the main reason they go to events is to connect with other attendees. And 53% of event professionals say attendees want greater interaction with speakers during the event.

But event apps designed for schedules and sponsors don’t drive retention

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Conference organisers struggle to retain attendees for future events. Connect and network opportunities are limited and often forced. After the event, new connections are often lost quickly. As an organizer, you need a tool to engage with attendees, and to let them engage with each other, before, during and after an event. That’s where Kalido comes in.

Kalido will help you fill seats and keep them filled

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Turn conferences into engines of connection and opportunity.


Previous attendees can drive attendance by suggesting your secure private event network to others. Prospective attendees (once approved by the event organizer) can see rich profiles of other attendees, including shared networks, interests, and complementary skills. And organizers can easily add link


Attendees can find nearby networking opportunities based on shared interests, skills and networks. Private chats, intelligent in-app introductions, powerful recommendations, and simple icebreakers make arranging meetings easy. And your branded network page allows links to content for schedules, etc.


Most conference apps offer time-limited value, but Kalido never stops working. Organisers can broadcast future events to prior attendees. Attendees can see others nearby who attended previous events. And after the event, as users continue to enrich their profiles, Kalido continues to match people.