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Moving fast means close collaboration between employees, partners, suppliers, clients, and contractors. You need a liquid workforce management tool that lets you deploy skilled teams quickly, anywhere. Kalido lets you: see and deploy skills and people at a glance, internally and externally; and accelerate team productivity. Want to move faster, with more engaged people? Start using Kalido today!

Survival requires agility and talent

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To win, 21st century corporations need to be agile. Technology puts enterprises on the front line of: automation, with 400-800 million related job losses by 2025; job growth, with a steep 55% rise in demand for technology work by 2030; and nimble tech-enabled attackers who have, for example, decimated existing giants in different sectors seemingly overnight. With 84% of the S&P 500s value made up of intangible assets, modern enterprises are all about brain, not brawn.

How agile is your skills ecosystem?

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With a 20% gap in the supply of tech and other critical talent, a growing bias for independent work (50% of the US workers are expected to be freelancers by 2030), and a dismally low 15% of employees engaged at work, enterprise talent management is only becoming more difficult. Successful enterprises need to reimagine how to acquire, retain, develop, excite and exit talent and skills.

How Kalido helps

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Kalido empowers people to find and connect with others through skills, interests and more.


Kalido helps you hire, retain and deploy talent. Set up a secure private network in minutes. Grow a real time skill map of your enterprise as people join. Powerful AI instantly matches your needs with skills and people in your network, while skill-recommendations make referred hiring easy.


Connect with other private network members to further projects, advance your career, build teams and uncover common interests. All of this, coupled with private and group messaging, creates an environment where everyone can make more meaningful connections.


Kalido enables career and skill growth within enterprise by helping everyone find opportunities to contribute skills, join teams, share interests, and find mentors. Bond with team members faster through shared interests, networks, and connections, facilitated by Kalido.