Kalido for enterprise

Discover your total opportunity set

An ecosystem with people and various skills such as painting

Kalido provides more insight and targeted information than any other platform. Automatically match with people who share your passions, drawing on rich ‘whole self’ profiles that span the full spectrum of personal and professional interests. Learn immediately about project opportunities or role vacancies which match your skills. Discover who from your networks is nearby for impromptu meetings.

Connect effortlessly with the right people

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Kalido’s intelligent personalised matches empower you to make valuable new connections. Join new networks prompted by Kalido’s AI-powered suggestions. Grow your personal and professional network exponentially to uncover new opportunities. Build project teams with the right mix of skills or fill open roles using referrals that expand the talent pool available to you.

Collaborate faster, smarter and more flexibly

Team management board with colleagues moving assignments around

Kalido promotes collaboration by building communities, providing faster access to information and improving teamwork. Boost innovation and productivity in your enterprise by engaging people in relevant discussions and projects, using Kalido’s intelligent auto suggestions. Securely chat, group chat, contribute to discussion and file share with anyone in your organisation or networks.

Grow personally and professionally

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Use Kalido’s robust matching technology to seek out roles or projects that will complement or extend your talents. Articulate your interests and experience in rich ways that open up new possibilities and grow personally and professionally by accessing learning and mentorship across your networks.