Kalido for enterprise

Kalido for enterprise

Collaborate faster, smarter
and more flexibly

business messenger

Kalido has all the collaboration tools for agile working on one platform. Send direct Chat messages, or start Group Chats for discussions between you and a selection of other users on specific topics. Create Channels within Networks that are ideal for long-term conversations around a specific Project or topic between a number of people inside the network. Share files, images and polls with ease.

Uncover the Skills demand and supply in your business

Kalido skills profile

Users create rich Profiles that showcase their whole selves, from Skills and experience to certifications, Interests and goals. Kalido creates a real-time skills ecosystem of the Skills you have around you today, and the Skills you’ll need tomorrow.

Staff projects and recruit effectively

skills supply and demand

Our brilliant Skill Matching technology acts like a search engine for finding people in your organisation or community based on Skills. We let people describe the Skills they have, and the Skills they need, however they want and use AI and machine learning to do the heavy lifting. Kalido also showcases the real time availability of your employees so they can switch between projects with greater fluidity.

Match on Interests to drive diversity and inclusion

interest matching

Kalido shows you which people in your Networks share your Interests. So you can easily find people with common passions and start Group Chats or Channels to discuss shared causes, hobbies or other common Interests.

Get personalised opportunities

kalido nearby feature

Kalido will show you which members from all your Networks are nearby, in real-time. As you and your Network members move around the world, Kalido will show you who is close, ranked by distance. If you haven’t been around someone for a while, Kalido will notify you so that you can arrange impromptu catch ups and meetings. You can also plan ahead by searching the Locations you’re going to next.

Discover your total
opportunity set

kalido opportunity map

Kalido provides more insight and targeted information than any other platform. Kalido utilises your rich ‘whole self’ profiles that spans the full spectrum of personal and professional interests everyday to match you to new professional Opportunities. Kalido will tell you immediately when a new Opportunity has been discovered.

Deploy a security first platform

kalido integrations

When it comes to security and privacy, we care deeply and are committed to continuous improvement. To learn more, contact us at privacy@kalido.me. Whether you want to discuss our approach to data handling, access management, code reviews, OWASP risks, vulnerability management, encryption, vendor risk, disaster management, business continuity, or anything else, we’re happy to chat.

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