Kalido for freelancers

Find and network with skilled individuals nearby

Your network is one of your most valuable assets. At its full potential, it can unlock a whole world of opportunities. But if you’re like most people, building, maintaining, and getting value from your networks is hard. You are surrounded by opportunities, but to capture them, you need a way to see them.

Make meaningful trusted connections

Kalido works constantly to help you uncover opportunities to use your skills, find people who have skills you need, and expand your network in ways that create value for you and the people you add. No matter who you are, or where you are, Kalido will match you with skilled people through networks you trust.

Turn online contacts into real world relationships

From there, Kalido helps you seamlessly turn matches into genuine, real-world connections.

Grow your professional network 24/7

In a single day, you could: find new clients; be invited to join networks of like-minded people; meet skilled individuals connected to you via people and networks you already know; catch up with an old friend; and make a new one. For free.

Network with skilled people across the world

When it comes to work, Kalido is the best tool to find skilled people. Get relevant matches ranked by distance, trust, or both. Check out candidate profiles for relevant skills, and make or receive introductions to outstanding suppliers and clients.
Alumni networks, companies, and community groups can create their own private networks on Kalido, for exclusive, confidential skill-sharing and smart notifications when other members are nearby..

4 easy steps for you to benefit for all of Kalido’s features

  1. Download Kalido, register and if desired create your Private Network with customised privacy settings and appoint administrator
  2. Set up your profile (remember to sync your contacts with Kalido for better matching)
  3. Tell Kalido what skills you have to provide or the skills you desire.
  4. Kalido will match you with new clients looking for your skills or alternatively match you with people who can provide the skills you need

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Available on Google Play and the App Store.

Need more information?

Speak to us about a free trial for your community or enterprise at info@kalido.me