Kalido for freelancers

The future is freelance

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Going it alone has never been easier. The global workforce is rapidly shifting away from full time corporate work, towards freelancing, side-gigs, and projects. 50% of the workforce is expected to freelance by 2020.

But getting value from your network is difficult

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As a freelancer, your network is your most valuable asset. But if you’re like most people, building, maintaining, and getting value from your networks is hard. 30% of workers are underutilised globally, while 36% of employers can’t find the talent they need. You are surrounded by opportunities, but to capture them, you need a way to see them.

What if you could turn your network into an opportunity engine?

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Imagine a world where you could see how the people in your network could help you, and what skills they were looking for. Where you could see who your contacts recommended, and share recommendations for your skills with anyone. And where adding a single person to your personal network could give you access to hundreds who might need your skills, or have skills you need. That’s Kalido.

Kalido helps you network with skilled people across the world. For free.

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Turn your phone book, your professional networks and your neighbourhood into a universe of opportunity.

Build your networks:

Join networks for the schools you’ve attended, the companies you’ve worked for, the nonprofits you support, and the conferences you’ve attended. Invite people to your personal network, and get intelligent matches with the people they know if you have the skills they need, or vice versa.

Share your skills and searches:

Add an unlimited number of skills and searches, in your own words, with descriptions, budget or pricing, and images, to your profile. Once you’ve added a skill or a search, Kalido will search your networks tirelessly, and alert you whenever it finds a match.

Connect meaningfully:

Build relationships that lead to business. Add interests, link your Instagram, Github, Behance, Medium, Pinterest, YouTube, or Twitter accounts, and add custom links, so people can start conversations based on who you are, not just what you do.