Kalido for non-profits

Kalido for non-profit organisations

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The biggest problem most nonprofits face isn’t finding good people, but encouraging people to keep doing good, year after year. Non-profit organisations must motivate volunteers. And volunteers want to use their skills to make a difference in the world.

Volunteers are everywhere, and want to contribute

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There are more than 100 million volunteers in the European Union. Almost 2 million volunteers work across Africa. And 30% of Americans volunteer each year. But today’s volunteers want to do more than show up, be counted, and contribute unskilled labour. They want to use the skills they already have, and to maximise the good that they can do with those skills.

To retain volunteers, organisations need to engage them

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More than a third of volunteers stop volunteering after a year, at a cost of $38 billion dollars annually. Volunteering is a way to connect with others through a cause. But for each volunteer, this comes at a cost of both time and attention. Many volunteers quickly drop out, feeling that their efforts are wasted, their skills unused, that they are not making the difference they wanted to make.

How Kalido helps

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Kalido helps you build a tighter community and recruit the skilled volunteers and staff you need.


Within a confidential private network, Kalido can match nonprofit leaders with skilled individuals willing to spend time on causes that matter to them. Existing volunteers can seamlessly introduce you to other relevant individuals in their own networks.


Your private network on Kalido allows volunteers to discover everyone’s skills and interests, and tap them to build teams, further a common purpose, and connect more deeply. All of this, coupled with private and group messaging, creates an environment where everyone can make more meaningful connecti


Kalido makes it easier to deploy skilled teams and people more effectively. Volunteers feel better about doing things they are good at, for a good cause. Simple recommendations, introductions, and interest-sharing facilitate stronger connections, shaping a closely-knit, long-lasting community.