Kalido for universities

Connections matter

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Students, alumni, and educational institutions value connections to each other. More meaningful connections generate jobs, mentoring opportunities, investments, and donations.

For students and alumni, connections are everything

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University connections matter.
Students: are twice as likely to be engaged at work and personally thriving if they had a university mentor. 56% said ways to connect with other students make them feel more connected to their school.
Alumni: Prefer to hire fellow alumni. 38% of alumni want to mentor recent graduates.
Educational institutions: Alumni are 200% more likely to donate if they remain conn

But making those connections isn’t easy

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Nearly a third of students globally were lonely at university.
Students: 78% of grads lacked a university mentor, and only half of managers think recent grads are prepared for the workforce.
Alumni: are unlikely to donate unless they are engaged soon after graduation. Yet 83% of alumni professionals say they do not engage young alumni effectively.
Alma mater: Most alumni professionals are asking f

How Kalido helps

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Kalido helps surface opportunities to connect, and hire, creating an engaged student/alumni network committed to your in


Within a secure private network, Kalido can match alumni with students for advice, mentoring, hiring, and other opportunities. Existing alumni can seamlessly introduce other alumni to each other, and to individuals in their own personal and professional networks.


Your private network on Kalido allows students and alumni to discover the skills and interests that surround them, and tap into those skills to further their education, build friendships and form teams. Private and group messaging makes it easy to build more meaningful connections.


Kalido facilitates increased inter-alumni connectivity through shared interests and geography, which in turn improves alumni engagement, and alma mater funding.