Our story

How Kalido was born

kalido story

Watching many traditional businesses struggling to keep pace with more agile competitors, Vikas recognised that organisations must transform the way they use the talents of their people. Ashvin knew that machine learning software could increase innovation and team productivity many times over. And, frustrated by missed chances to collaborate and create value while travelling, and navigating daily life, Sanjay knew there had to be a better way for people to discover opportunities around them.

How is Kalido different?

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With our team, we are building a safe, ethical platform to connect people everywhere with opportunity. Your data is yours: we don’t sell it to advertisers or recruiters. Privacy is in your control: choose which ones you share location data and specific skills with. Your purpose is not your CV: Kalido surfaces opportunities for your future. And scrolling endlessly isn't good for your health: we help you quickly find an opportunity on your phone, then engage with a person in the real world.