Kalido is useful for everyone, everywhere.

Understand what skills you have and need in your organisation.

Employers can create networks for sharing skills within their company, or find skilled people to hire through Kalido’s global user community. In a company network, it’s easy to see who has the skills to fill any gaps you may have, which office or city someone is in right now, and who has an interest in common with you to start a new conversation. Whether you’re a new recruit, an SME looking to hire, a leader looking to construct a cross-functional team, or a consultant who needs to rapidly understand the people in a company, Kalido can create value for you.

Connect and engage your alumni.

Alumni and students can stay in touch more easily through real-world opportunities. As an alum, Kalido makes it easy to find out which alumni are in your city right now, explore the skills that new grads are offering, and find other alumni to hire. As a student, Kalido can help you connect with alumni who can mentor you, connect with other students that have similar interests, match you with people who have the textbooks or tutoring you need, or just help you understand who is where right now.

Create networking opportunities at your event.

As a conference organiser or attendee, you can instantly seek out the people who interest you, start meaningful discussions, and keep in touch with them long after the conference is over. Kalido turns the awkwardness of scheduling networking meetings by looking at job titles on its head. Show up and see exactly who’s around. You’ll know instantly what they’re interested in, what skills they have, and what skills they need. And as an organiser, you’ll create events that get rave reviews, and create a permanent community of potential attendees for future events.

Make your co-working space stand out.

For owners of co-working spaces, you can give your members more value by helping them network. Actively help your members find the right people to collaborate with, the right people to hire, and the right people to be hired by. Why leave all the great working relationships and friendships that could be built in your space up to chance? As new professionals join your space, your Kalido network will also grow to the benefit of all. Moreover, all members now have a simple way to make new connections, nurture those relationships and maintain them for the future.

Stay connected with like-minded people on the things that matter to you.

For any community, whether you’re bringing people together around knowledge, sports, religion, interests, or anything else, Kalido can help you stay connected with each other, and find opportunities to learn, exchange skills, and build a powerful network.

Freelancers and individuals, hire and be hired. Find new clients & opportunities.

Freelancers can match with new clients, suppliers, or potential collaborators to build their business. You can market your skills, showcase your portfolio, and transact for free. You also set your own rates and availability, so you can do great work on your own terms.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whomever you want to connect with – Kalido can help.

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