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AI-Powered Internal Talent Marketplace

Creating liquid, agile workforces


Boost Engagement, Drive Higher ROI

Agile skills ecosystem for maximised talent ROI

AI-driven 360° skills mapping & opportunity matching platform


Fast deployment, low attrition

Match and retain the right talent for the right opportunities

Engage and motivate your team

Kalido serves continually refreshed, relevant opportunities

Boost connectivity

All the collaboration tools you need on a single platform

Peace of mind

A secure platform with GDPR compliant architecture at its core

Create a Future Ready Workplace

unlock productivity

Future-proof your talent management

Create an environment where productivity, wellbeing and purpose all thrive together, without compromise.

Success Stories

‘Kalido is the best digital agency in our area As a midsize software developent company we combine the best of both worlds. We have the focus and speed of the small it outsurcing companies.’
Deanna Hodges
HCL Technologies

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