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You are surrounded by opportunities every day. But to capture them, you need a way to see them. Kalido makes it easy to hire professionals, get hired, catch up with old friends, or get introduced to new ones.

Kalido connects you with relevant online contacts, prioritizing those who share contacts, schools, workplaces, and other groups, along with people who are physically near you.

From there, we make it easier than ever to turn those online contacts into genuine connections in the real world.

In a single day, you could: find new clients; be invited to join networks of like-minded people; be introduced to powerful influencers; hire some trustworthy professionals; catch up with an old friend; and make a new one. For free.

When it comes to work, Kalido is the best tool to find freelancers and talented people. Get relevant matches ranked by distance, trust, or both. Check out candidate profiles for relevant skills, and make or receive introductions to outstanding suppliers and clients. There are no fees or commissions, and chatting or calling on Kalido is free.
Alumni networks, companies, and other groups can even create their own private networks on Kalido, for confidential skills sharing and smart notifications when other members are nearby.

Only Kalido helps you find the right people at the right time, giving you meaningful opportunities to connect anywhere, all the time.

Relevant contacts

Need contacts? Find people you’re actually interested in: people who want to hire you, freelancers you want to hire, and people who have something in common with you.

Nearby people

Have friends? Know when your contacts are nearby, so you never miss an opportunity to connect in the real world.  (Kalido will always respect your privacy and never show distances closer than 200 metres).

Useful networks

Have groups? Join or create Kalido networks for your company, school, sports team, religious community, or other group to share opportunities, access exclusive referrals, and get more matches you can trust.

Easy Introductions

Get introduced to people you want to know. Or introduce friends to each other. From freelancers to fellow classmates, Kalido has them all.

Instant messaging

Stay in touch for free. Call and chat on Kalido to arrange freelance projects or meet ups with colleagues and nearby friends.

Free marketing

Let people nearby know what you can provide, and get featured for free. Whether you’re an established freelancer, just starting out, or representing a larger business, Kalido is for you.

With its smart matching algorithms, Kalido uses AI to make the world more human.

Pick up your phone. Find an opportunity. Have a conversation. It’s that simple.

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