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Community Guidelines


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Community Guidelines

These help all our users play nice, to ensure Kalido is always a community based on respect, trust, and meaningful human connections. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these Guidelines, our Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

What’s encouraged

Being a decent human being. We could spell that out for you, but we respect you enough to know that’s not necessary. All we’ll do is remind you that Kalido was built to help you, to increase your economic and social opportunities. So, the more you act like someone other people want to work and hang out with, the more useful Kalido will be for you.

What’s not allowed

Basically, your behaviour on Kalido (including posts, chats, and calls) should be aimed at helping you match with the right people, and work and interact with these people, in a mutually beneficial way.

That’s why we don’t allow:

  • Gratuitous nudity: So, no naked selfies, unless you’re making some relevant artistic or political statement. However, we reserve the right to vet any content depicting nudity.
  • Inappropriate sexual content: This includes anything you wouldn’t want the police to see (so, anything unlawful), and anything the recipient doesn’t want to see (unsolicited or unwelcome content).
  • Hateful or offensive content: This includes, but is not limited, to racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, religious intolerance, and discrimination based on disability.
  • Copyright infringements: If it’s not yours, make sure you have the owner’s consent to use it.
  • Spam or harassment: No. One. Is. Interested. Please. Stop.
  • Harassment: No, one person’s ‘friendly’ is not another’s ‘creepy’. Creepy is creepy. Harassment is a criminal offence and won’t be tolerated on Kalido.
  • Unlawful content: Kalido is an international platform, as such, we respect the laws of all the countries we operate in. Applicable laws include, but are not limited to: copyright, contract, and international law.
  • Other unacceptable behaviour: We know there are a lot of creative ways to be a terrible person, so even though something isn’t listed here specifically, please know that we will ban misbehaving users. In extreme cases, we may even report them to the relevant authorities.

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