Rich, Dynamic Profiles


Rich, 360° Profiles for your People

Kalido gives a real-time comprehensive view of your organisation’s talentpool. Employees can create rich and dynamic profiles by including their professional skills, personal skills, and social impact interests & accreditations.

Rich, 360° Profiles for your People

Rich 360° workforce profiles

Employees can create rich 360° profiles that include their professional skills, personal skills, and their social impact interests, including Sustainable Development Goals. The power of AI adds a personality to the employees profile, making the profiles meaningful, providing a deeper insight into your employee’s skills & interests.

Rich 360° workforce profiles
Easy Profile Creation Platform

Fast, easy profile creation

Kalido is designed so that profile creation and updating is fast and easy. And wherever possible, Kalido can pull in existing employee data to prepopulate profiles. Users can seamlessly update their existing skills, experience, interests, recommendations, and current and preferred locations, to ensure a rich and up-to-date profile.

Skills competency ratings

Employees can validate the skills on their profiles by adding competency levels. These include their own self-rating, their manager’s rating, and a Kalido rating which is based on the employee’s past projects and experience. This gives a deeper sense of an employee’s capabilities and improves the accuracy of opportunity matching.

Skills Competency Ratings Platform
Accurate Skill Discovery

Accurate Skill Discovery

The rich and dynamic profiles on Kalido revolutionise skill discovery and opportunity matching for enterprises. Kalido enables accurate skill discovery and matching within your talent pool, resulting in improved productivity.

Real-time view of talent pool

Kalido gives you a real-time, transparent view of the talent pool in your organisation. This helps you to assess existing skills, and identify any skills gaps to fill to make your enterprise future-ready.

Real-time view of talent pool

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