Why we built Kalido

We want to make the world better. And not in a saving-penguins-eating-more-tofu-letting-people-merge-in-traffic way. Although those are important too.

We believe that todayʼs work culture is fundamentally flawed. Too many people wake up wishing they didnʼt have to trudge to jobs they donʼt like, work for people they donʼt respect, and take home money that never feels like enough. When youʼre the one working, you do all the work, while others often take all the profits. When youʼre the one paying, bureaucracy often destroys the soul of the engagements. We built Kalido to fix all this.


Do any work you want to do

Kalido makes you the CEO of Happy Working Life Inc. So, if you donʼt want to design a million retail brochures, and youʼd rather design abstract logos – go ahead. Kalido will find you a client whoʼll pay for that. Because life is too short, weʼre giving you the tool to make the time you have mean something.


Work with whomever you want to

Be as choosy as you want. If someone feels funny, by all means, donʼt work with them. We donʼt think anyone should have to put up with unpleasant people. Not when there are so many terrific people out there.


Make money out of any of your skills

You might be an auditor who hates your day job, but you can have a great time teaching yoga on the weekend, and get paid for it too. You can even get paid for dog-walking, house-sitting, IT advice – all the things youʼre currently doing as favours for family and friends. Kalido will find clients whoʼll pay you for those services.


The money you make is all yours

For every piece of work you do, youʼll get suitably compensated. Your boss canʼt take a hefty cut, and we wonʼt take any percentage of that either. You worked for it, you should get paid for it. Fairʼs fair.


Pay someone to do just about any service

So, your partner still refuses to help you paint the nursery? Find a neighbour whoʼll get it done tomorrow. So, your brother-in-law canʼt make time for a squash game? Find a great partner to join you on the court in an hour. Kalido finds you people whoʼll happily do what you need, so youʼll never feel like you owe anyone.


Meet people for more than just work

Kalido lets you take full advantage of having super convenient travel, super fast communication, and super terrific people everywhere by giving you the means to make new friends, wherever you are, in a non-creepy way, and catch up with old ones.

Download Kalido

Available on Google Play and the App Store.