Are traditional approaches to talent management holding your business back?

Talent management has historically focused on recruiting and retaining talent. But this approach largely ignores the importance of employee development and internal mobility. 

Talent Mobility Management is a forward-thinking approach that recognises the need not only to attract and retain skilled individuals, but also to foster their development. In this article, we explore the potential of Talent Mobility Management to reshape the way businesses approach talent.

talent management
Talent Mobility Management is a forward-thinking approach.

What is Talent Mobility Management?

Talent Mobility Management (TMM) is a holistic approach to talent development and deployment. It includesa range of practices aimed at identifying, nurturing, and strategically moving employees across different roles, projects, and geographical locations. Unlike traditional talent management, which tends to concentrate on vertical career progression, TMM takes a horizontal approach, empowering employees to gain diverse experiences and skills.

The pillars of TMM

1. Skill development and upskilling

TMM places a strong emphasis on continuous learning and development. Organisations invest in programmes that empower employees to acquire new skills and knowledge, ensuring they are equipped for future challenges and don’t de-skill over time. This benefits individual career growth, as well as boosting the organisation’s overall capability.

2. Internal mobility programmes

Traditional job postings may not always uncover the full potential of existing talent within an organisation. Internal mobility programmes aim to identify employees’ unique strengths and skills, enabling a more strategic deployment of talent. This leads to increased job satisfaction and reduced turnover, as employees find new challenges and opportunities internally. Research by LinkedIn shows that when organisations invest in internal mobility programmes, employees stay almost twice as long. 

3. Global talent mobility

Businesses are expanding across borders, and talent is becoming more globally mobile. TMM acknowledges the importance of providing opportunities for employees to work in different locations, fostering a diverse and inclusive organisational culture. This enriches employees’ experiences and helps to build a more innovative and adaptable workforce.

4. Leadership development

By identifying and developing high-potential individuals, you can ensure a continuous pipeline of leaders for your business. TMM focuses on cultivating leadership skills through mentorship, coaching, and exposure to various aspects of the business.

talent management tactics
TMM can help to build a continuous pipeline of business leaders.

Benefits of TMM

1. Increased employee engagement

TMM creates an environment where employees feel valued and engaged. The opportunity for skill development, challenging assignments, and career progression within the organisation fosters a sense of loyalty and commitment.

2. Enhanced organisational agility

The ability to deploy talent strategically enables organisations to respond swiftly to changing market demands. This creates a flexible workforce that can adapt to new challenges to create long-term sustainability.

3. Improved innovation and creativity

Exposure to diverse roles and experiences stimulates creativity and innovation. Employees are encouraged to think outside their traditional job roles, leading to the generation of fresh ideas and solutions.

Talent Mobility Management is not just a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative for organisations. By embracing a culture of continuous learning, internal mobility, and global talent deployment, businesses can unlock the full potential of their workforce. 

talent management strategies
TMM increases employee engagement, organisational agility and creativity.

How Kalido can bring Talent Mobility Management into your organisation

Kalido is designed to transform your organisation into a liquid, agile workforce. Our powerful AI can revolutionise your internal recruitment and deployment through matching employees – based on skills, qualifications and experience – to the right teams, projects and roles, fast.

Through rich, 360° profiles, Kalido gives you an accurate view of your entire skills ecosystem, with two-way stacked-rank matching for roles and projects that filters and highlights the right people immediately. Its flexibility, accuracy and real-time availability data allows employees to switch between roles and projects fluidly, across geographical locations. 

Through skill mapping, accurate competency ratings, and an innovative Skills Wishlist, our powerful AI identifies clear pathways for upskilling in a practical way that employees can act on immediately. This empowers individuals to continuously develop their skills and ensures a pipeline of talent ready to meet your organisation’s evolving needs. 

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