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Copyright distribution policy

Effective date: 1 September 2015

It shouldn’t really have to be said, but stealing is not ok. As a community based on trust, respect, and meaningful human relationships, we want all our users to be able to showcase their creativity and talent without worrying that their stuff is going to be ripped off. To this end, we’ve drafted this Copyright Distribution Policy (we’ll call it the ‘Copyright Policy’ from now) which governs copyright infringement and alleged infringements on Kalido. This Copyright Policy forms part of our Terms of Use.

I think someone is illegally using my stuff, what can I do?

We take copyright infringement and plagiarism very seriously. If you believe your stuff has been used without your consent, please send a notice of copyright infringement to our Designated Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement (our ‘Designated Agent’, whose details can be found below), including the following information:

What happens after I’ve submitted my notice of copyright infringement?

Once our Designated Agent has received your notice, with all the relevant info included, we reserve the right to:

Someone is accusing me of infringing their copyright, but I haven’t. What can I do?

If you believe that you have the right to use material that we’ve removed or disabled for copyright infringement, you can send our Designated Agent (whose details can be found below) a counter-notice, including the following information:

Once our Designated Agent has received your counter-notice, including all relevant information, we may at our discretion send the notifying party your counter-notice, informing them that we may be replacing your material, or ceasing to disable it, in 10 business days. We will then replace or restore access to your material, at our discretion, unless the notifying party files an action seeking a court order to prevent us from doing so.

Details of Designated Agent:

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