Finally, artificial intelligence that’s here to help you, not replace you

AI replacing jobs
AI replacing jobs
They say the robots are coming. Don’t worry, Kalido is the machine that will help you.

Depending on which scary article you read (and there are plenty), artificial intelligence is coming for between 30%-50% of us. Which means, in the next 20 years or so, many of us will be out of a job. But…that’s ok! Because we won’t need jobs, we’ll have careers instead. As a networking app designed to help professionals find great clients, and clients find talented professionals, we’re all about that freelancing/entrepreneuring/living your best life thing. That’s why our artificial intelligence helps you find work, instead of putting you out of work.

Here’s how:

1) Automatic marketing

Free marketing on Kalido
Balancing the books just became a whole lot easier. Kalido gives you free and constant marketing.

You have skills. Or maybe even skillz. But you need the world to know it. With Kalido, you can market yourself for free, which means no expensive advertising, and a constant stream of potential new clients.

Kalido regularly showcases users as Featured Professionals in a certain area. All you have to do to qualify is offer a service, and link images to that service on your profile. We regularly select users to feature, which means that you won’t have to look for clients, potential nearby clients will see you on their feed as they explore it. Even if you’re not featured, clients will find you anyway: as long as your service is something they’re looking for, Kalido will automatically match you. And if you have common contacts or networks, or are located close to them, you’ll rank higher in their matches (more about that in a bit).

Another benefit of Kalido’s super smart system is its continuous search. This means that you won’t just be given one round of matches; you’ll constantly be getting more and better matches. So, you won’t have to manually send out a bunch of CVs every week, or do a new search every day. Kalido will generate new clients for you automatically, and rank them for suitability.

Automating your marketing saves you all the time you’re wasting trying to generate new business, and frees you up to do more good work instead. So, add a service to your profile (and ideally link some images to it), and watch the clients roll in.

2) Automatic match selection

Find new clients
Whether you are a professional or a client we will do all the sorting to give you the best matches.

Other networking platforms set you adrift in a sea of random people, with no sensible way to filter them, Kalido prioritises the people who can help you right now. Kalido finds people who have complementary needs, and then prioritises those who have common contacts or networks with you, and who are nearby. So, you won’t get ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife (or in this case, ten thousand random people when all you need is one great client).

3) Automatic recruiting

recruit new clients and staff
No need to become a drill seargent. Kalido will do all the recruiting for you.

Of course you’re fantastic at what you do. But there are only 24 hours in a day, and you do only have 2 hands. Unless you are some super-evolved mutant. In which case – congratulations. For the rest of us, sometimes we’ll need help to do everything we need to, whether it’s specialists in complementary fields, or other people in our own field.

Kalido automates your recruiting by matching you with other professionals. Simply tell the app what professionals you want to find, and you’ll be presented with a conveniently ranked list of suitable candidates. You can then call or chat with your match for free from the app. And to add even more convenience, you’ll find default icebreaker text which does exactly what it implies – gives you suggestions on how to start a conversation with a stranger, without any awkwardness.

So, if all the doom and gloom surrounding artificial intelligence has gotten you down, don’t worry. Skynet is not going to get you as long as we’re around. So, don’t rage against the machine, embrace it – Kalido is here to help.

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