See how Kalido uses AI to Match you to people, projects and jobs - Kalido
See how Kalido uses AI to Match you to people, projects and jobs - Kalido


Kalido uses sophisticated AI and machine learning models to Match you with Opportunities. 

Kalido’s mission is to connect enterprises, users, and communities with economic Opportunities. Many of the features that make this happen are powered and enhanced using clever AI and machine learning algorithms. This includes our brilliant Skills Matching technology which acts as a search engine for finding people based on Skills. We let people describe the Skills they have, and the Skills they need, in whichever way they want and use AI and machine learning to do the heavy lifting. 

find people and jobs
Kalido uses AI to Match you with skilled people within your organisation or community.

For example, there’s often a big difference between how technical people describe their Skills and how a non-technical person who is looking to hire them describes the same Skills. In the ‘real world’, this can mean they never find each other and both are missing out on great Opportunities. On Kalido, however, our sophisticated AI gracefully tackles this problem with machine learning models that can handle different terms to describe the same Skills. This means you’ll find the best Matches on Kalido. 

Matches can be generated by a Quest started by you or another Kalido user. Once you give us the details of the Skills you can provide, or that you want other people to provide, Kalido’s AI will quickly find you the Projects, people or services that are the best Matches based on a combination of the search/Skill Match, as well as Location, and Networks, Interests, and people in common.

Kalido matching
Kalido can Match you and others to open jobs and Project team requirements.

Kalido will show you which Matches are exact, which are almost-perfect, and which lack some criteria you’ve requested but are still worth investigating. And any Quests you start will continue to keep searching until you mark them complete, so you can be confident that Kalido is continuing to find the most relevant Matches for you.

If you need more information regarding Kalido’s AI and ML driven Matching visit our specific Kalido Matching FAQs.