Kalido's Nearby feature uncovers who's around right now - Kalido
Kalido's Nearby feature uncovers who's around right now - Kalido


Nearby uncovers the Opportunities that surround you.

Nearby shows you all the members of your Networks, ranked by their physical distance from you. Using Nearby, you can see who’s around you and which Skills they can provide. This is really useful in an enterprise when you’re trying to form a team or get expert help for a particular project. 

It’s also ideal for finding people who are geographically close so you can arrange catch-ups and meetings in a more agile way. If you’re travelling, you can optimise your time by organising meetings with people who are going to be in the same place. And if you have meetings that are cancelled, or a delayed flight, you can see the Skills of people on Kalido in the same area and find someone interesting to have a coffee with. 

kalido nearby feature
See who’s around you wherever you are in the world.

And it’s not just for professional introductions and conversations: you can use Nearby to find social opportunities that Match your Interests e.g. a running buddy – someone handily local to you at home, or a temporary running buddy in the city you’re visiting for work. 

For privacy, your distance from a Location is only ever shown to other Kalido users in an approximate way, and will never be shown closer than 200m away. You can also choose which Networks you share your Location with so you have control over who can find you in Nearby.

If you need more information regarding how we protect your privacy within this and other features visit our specific Kalido Safe Space FAQs.