Kalido networks and how they can help you - Kalido
Kalido networks and how they can help you - Kalido


On Kalido, all the Networks that are important to you are available in one place. This Network of Networks gives you a pipeline of Opportunities for building your social capital and career Opportunities, all brought together with minimal effort. 

Your Networks can include your current and previous employers, educational institutions, sports groups, and other Interests and non-profits. Kalido lets you see Opportunities across all these Networks in a single view and prompts you to think about them in ways you haven’t before. Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, form a Project team, be mentored – and much more – Kalido presents you with Opportunity every time you login.

kalido opportunity map
Kalido uncovers Opportunities from all of your Networks.

Kalido has easy-to-administer private Network creation, branding, and membership management. Each Network has an Administrator who can customise the Network, including setting permissions for other users, controlling who can join the Network, and sending broadcast messages to all members. Kalido lets you attach an unlimited number of Locations (for offices, venues, campuses, etc.) with custom names to a Network, to make it easy to find people.

Networks let groups of people share elements of their Profiles with each other, and get Matches with other members of one or more Networks. For example, if you have an urgent need for particular Skills in your enterprise, you can create a Quest and share it with your alumni, private, social, and geographic Networks on Kalido.  

kalido skills matches
Kalido will Match you with people from all your Networks based on your goals.

All Networks are confidential, highly secure, and other than the public geographic Networks, people need to send a request to the Network Administrator(s) to join. 

If you need more information regarding Network administration visit our specific Kalido Network FAQs.