Discover how we protect the privacy you and others - Kalido
Discover how we protect the privacy you and others - Kalido

Privacy & safety

Kalido is a privacy-led platform. We don’t allow advertising and we’re clear that any and all data belongs to the individual user or Network owner, not us. 

All data on Kalido is encrypted in storage (using AES-256) on your device and our servers, and transit (using TLS 1.2 or higher). You own your data and can download or delete it at any time. You can also choose which Networks on Kalido can see your data.

Kalido only uses your data to help you and other Kalido users boost your Skills profiles and find great Opportunities. We don’t sell your data to third parties or use it for advertising. We’ve tried to make our Privacy Policy as clear as possible on all these crucial issues.

Creating and maintaining a safe community is of vital importance on Kalido, so we’ve made it easy to report any behaviour you’re concerned about. You can block users or leave Networks if you’re worried about harassment or privacy. And we have a straightforward process to report users or spam.

If you need more details about our approach to Privacy visit our specific Kalido Privacy FAQs.