Kalido Quests find the connections, Skills, and teams you need - Kalido
Kalido Quests find the connections, Skills, and teams you need - Kalido


Quests are a standout feature on Kalido and use our patented, supercharged AI to help find you the connections, Skills and teams you need.

kalido quests
Kalido Quests can help you fulfill your goals by matching you to Skills, people, teams and jobs.

Unlike simple, one-time searches, a Kalido Quest continues to search and Match you with the best Opportunities in your Networks – until you choose to complete it. Our Matching functionality grows smarter as it learns more about you and what you’re looking for. So you can be confident that Kalido is always finding the most relevant, up-to-date Opportunities for you. 

kalido quest matches
Once you create your Quest, Kalido gets to work and delivers your Matches.

Just tell us your requirements and Kalido will Match you with the right people and companies. 

Quest types

Find People For Projects

Looking for the right skillsets for your next project? Give us more detail about the resources your project requires and we’ll Match you to people with the Skills you need.

Tell us about the resources you need for your Project: how many Roles you’re recruiting for, availability requirements, Locations, and the Networks and Channels you want Kalido to search. 

Search For Expertise

Looking for specialist knowledge? Just tell Kalido what kind of expertise you’re looking for and we’ll search across people, companies, industries, services and products.

Quests, coming soon…

Find a Company, Product or Service

Tell us what you need and Kalido will Match you with the companies, products or services that can help your organisation grow. 

Find Me a Project

This Kalido Quest makes it quick and easy for you to ensure your Profile accurately reflects your experience and availability for future Projects so you never miss out. The more you put into your Profile on Kalido – the full picture of your Skills and Competency ratings, your Interests, social and website links, images and custom content – the more you get out. 

Sell a company, service or product

Match with potential buyers who want to acquire a company, service or product like yours. 

Buy a company, Service or Product

Find a company, service or product that would be great acquisitions for you. 

Invest Capital

Discover the companies and Projects that could be your next great investment. 

Raise Capital

Find engaged investors to make your great idea become a reality. Tell us what you need, and we’ll share it with the people who can help make it happen.

If you’d like to learn more about all the ways Quests can help you, visit our specific Kalido Quests FAQs.