Our mission and values

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Our mission

We want to create opportunity for everyone. No matter who you are and where you are, if you want to share your talent with the world, we are here to encourage, support and excite you.

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Our values


Why we need it: 

Access to opportunity is not transparent today, and we need to help fix that, ensuring that we leverage all the perspectives and people we have to do so.

What it means…

For the world: Kalido is for everyone. Basic use and availability will always be free. Our product, positioning, and marketing should reflect the world in a balanced way.

For the institution: We hire and promote without regard to race, physical ability, sexual orientation, age, gender, or social status.

For the individual: We consciously encourage participation from everyone, and actively seek different cultural and social perspectives. Everyone should feel respected and valued.


Why we need it: 

For our ideas and actions to have value, what we do must make a positive difference to our users and our colleagues.

What it means…

For the world: We keep making it easier for people to find and capture opportunities, and for everyone to build and maintain strong relationships that matter.

For the institution: We hire those capable of great impact. We are quick and hypothesis-driven, with a long-term outlook. We measure outcomes, and decide using principles and data.

For the individual: We deliver quickly and thoughtfully on tasks, and push to reach our potential. We feel empowered to debate the value of tasks where the impact is unclear.


Why we need it: 

We are surrounded by opportunities, but to capture them, we need a way to see them.

What it means…

For the world: We seek to pair opportunities with people in the most transparent way possible.

For the institution: We are forthright about our strategy, our decision-making processes, and the state of the business.

For the individual: We are honest in our actions, transparent in our motivations, and constructive with our feedback.


Why we need it:

Helping others is a moral imperative. Being generous with our time, skills, knowledge, contacts, etc. makes us part of the change we want to see in the world.

What it means…

For the world: We find ways to create value for those who need it, even if they can’t always afford it.

For the institution: We share knowledge and networks to drive impact. We care for our people, and help them reach their personal and professional potential.

For the individual: We are generous with well-earned commendations, share what we have learned, and go the extra mile.


Why we need it:

No one person can do everything well, or at once. Great impact requires a team.

What it means…

For the world: We connect people so they can do greater things together.

For the institution: We create impact and help our people achieve their potential by nurturing great teams.

For the individual: We collaborate constructively, ask for and give help quickly, are reliably excellent in our work, and conscious of how words and actions affect others.