Research confirms it’s who you know, not what you know

In the US, referrals account for 30% – 50% of new hires.
In the US, referrals account for 30% – 50% of new hires.
In the US, referrals account for 30% – 50% of new hires.

You might have always suspected that knowing people in the club dramatically increases your chances of getting into the club yourself. The club in question being Employment. And now statistics is proving you right.

Career website Glassdoor sifted through 444 000 job interview reviews to find out how people landed their current job, and found that globally, you’re 2.6% – 6.6% more likely to get hired if you come recommended by someone already in the company. That means up to 1 in every 15 people could have been a referral. So, if you’re competing with thousands of other applicants, this means hundreds of them are enjoying an advantage. In fact, in the US, referrals account for 30% – 50% of new hires, according to research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and MIT.

So, if you extrapolate and apply this information to careers in general, it stands to reason that knowing the right people will open doors for you, whether you’re looking for a new job, offering services as a freelancer or entrepreneur, or seeking investors for your startup.

At Kalido, we’ve long believed that people are your best source of success (for more, see this post). That’s why we strongly encourage our users to expand trusted networks by inviting contacts to Kalido, connecting with contacts’ contacts, and reaching out to other users through things like the Featured Provider cards. Adding just one more contact could increase your trusted network by thousands! And a single recommendation from just one of your contacts could bring you opportunities you hadn’t even dreamed of.

So, if you aren’t using Kalido to unleash the power of your networks every day, to give yourself thousands of new professional and social opportunities – what are you waiting for?

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